9 Style Resolutions

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Is it too late to post my style goals I have for my personal style in 2019? It is only February so I think its never too late to start anything. The list is full of big dreams and I believe that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Through out the year I will be sharing my progress, process and how it changed my personal style for the better. So are you ready? 

Here are the nine style goals I have for the year twenty-nineteen! 

Build a Capsule Wardrobe 
I have been fascinated with the capsule wardrobe idea for the past year now. A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe made up of versatile staple pieces that create personalized outfits that you love to wear. Since I have discovered and now know my personal style. as the new year quickly approaching I thought it would be a perfect time to start. I will be following the advice from the blogger Caroline Rector and her website unfancy.com it will show and teach step by step how to create a capsule wardrobe I know I will love.

Try a Monochromatic/Minimalist Style
I have always been interested in wearing, all black, all gray, all white outfits. It will push my style to a whole new level. So I will research, find inspiration and grow my creativity to push my personal style further with monochromatic/minimalist style trends.

Buy Investment Pieces
 I want to buy and support more contemporary African Designers. I will also get better quality wardrobe essentials and classic pieces.  Investing in my wardrobe will help me create the style I have always wanted.  in these collections will eventually be seen on the blog and it will teach me to be careful and thoughtful when buying luxury items. 

Build a Signature Color Palate
Choosing the colors that will bring the vibe and personality to my wardrobe. I will do a color analysis to see what colors work best for my skin tone and create a color palate that compliments me. 

Add Feminine details to my personal style. I have noticed that my wardrobe is lacking a lot of feminine details and my goal is change my personal style to be more girly. 

Get a Beauty Routine (skin care, makeup & hair care)
I have learned the power of living a healthy life to improve my skin and keep my hair strong and growing. I would also want to learn how to great beauty for special or important occasions that will get be a polished signature look.

Collect Signature Statement Accessories
I absolutely enjoy and collect African jewelry and accessories. I will resolve to build a collection that can be added to each outfit that i style and is seamless to my personality. See this blog post: African Accessories- will update soon) 

Build a Stylish Shoe Collection
I have been building a collection that can carry from season to season and to each year. I realize that shoes are important to any outfit and having a collection of basics, unique ones can be so much fun. (See my summer shoe | summer shoe part 2 | winter boots )

Be a better Thrift shopper
This past year I have recognized the benefits of shopping second hand. It helps the environment, my wallet and pushes my creativity to style unique pieces and find classic styles to modernize. (See my come thrift with me |come thrift with us-snapchat

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