5 Style Tips to get through the Winter Season.

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Listen to this, You wake up early, its pitch black, its morning but its dark, you pull the covers over your head because you're bracing yourself for yet another cold, colder day. You are experiencing the long dreary bitter days of winter. You look in your closet and there seems to be nothing to wear. I feel like this person sometimes, so I decided to curate these looks to help us all feel inspired.

Here are five style tips for getting through the rest of the Winter:


Knowing exactly what to wear when you wake up each day can make your morning routine less stressful. Style your favorite color with your wardrobe basics and you have got one simple sophisticated outfit. style pro tip: prepare your outfits ahead of time, preferably the night before. 


Layering in the winter is all about warmth and being comfortable. It is also a way to exercise your style muscles and really get creative. You can layer button down collar shirts with bib necklace sweaters, layer dresses over skinny jeans or complimentary colors that make an old item a fresh new look. Layering is a skill that is mastered over time however it is an easy style skill to get. Once you layer often your layering combinations are endless. Layering sweaters are a cool way to keep warm with thin jackets and turtlenecks are also get to style dresses in the winter. 


Creating monochromatic looks add sophistication, elegance and simplicity to each outfit. Wearing Neutral colors make styling outfits easier because everything matches and goes together well. It is essential that you have your classic wardrobe staples that consist of neutral colors in your wardrobe it helps develop your personal style. This post on 6 winter neutral color combinations to try is giving me so much inspiration to be more creative with styling neutral colors. See below how I styled grey and black. 


Accessories definitely add texture, pop of color and a bold statement to any winter outfit. I really like scarves, hats and gloves because they give me warmth, comfort and style. It's a great way to get through the bitter cold, short days and darker nights. It reminds us to enjoy the snowy beautiful days that come and go.


The most important item for winter is your coat/jacket. It is a wardrobe essential so it is necessary that you actually like your coat/jacket. They are an investment piece that will be worn for many years to come. So they need to be versatile, classic and of course warm and comfortable. You can find your favorite neutral color or be bold and get your favorite color. Whatever makes you happy while going through the season. I like this coat below it is a black-grey with thin stripes the subtle detail adds personal style to the outfit. 

Even though winter seems like an eternity some times, these 5 simple tips will make the cold weather more enjoyable and feel stylish all at the same time.

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