9 Style Resolutions

Hello Friends, 

Is it too late to post my style goals I have for my personal style in 2019? It is only February so I think its never too late to start anything. The list is full of big dreams and I believe that when you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Through out the year I will be sharing my progress, process and how it changed my personal style for the better. So are you ready? 

Here are the nine style goals I have for the year twenty-nineteen! 

5 Style Tips to get through the Winter Season.

Hello Friends,

Listen to this, You wake up early, its pitch black, its morning but its dark, you pull the covers over your head because you're bracing yourself for yet another cold, colder day. You are experiencing the long dreary bitter days of winter. You look in your closet and there seems to be nothing to wear. I feel like this person sometimes, so I decided to curate these looks to help us all feel inspired.

Here are five style tips for getting through the rest of the Winter: