Its the Weekend! May Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
This month went by so fast, and I haven't even had a chance to breath, from surprises to transitions to new roles may has definitely brought into a new world. Its both exciting and a little intimidating to venture out into this brand new phase of my life but I am ready to see what the good Lord has in store. Here are my favorite links, video clips and favorite outfits and life moments that inspired me and gave me new hope.

I have never considered going to any country in Asia however the more I see, the curiosity is sparked here is Meg Biram's post to a Local's Guide to Hong Kong 
I definitely want to start this at home. It will be a great way to maintain my beauty routine weekly. 5 Steps to a at Home Pedicure 
These are the 10 organizing tricks to declutter your life one space at a time.
I have got plans to really utilize my outdoor space this summer. Here are some quick and easy DIY Home Makeovers where I can definitely get inspiration from.
This what i want myWhat you must know to become a six figure blogger 
There is always room for improvement and these 15 Productive things to do in 15 minutes or less will definitely get my routine and schedule at a efficient pace. I do a lot of blogging and other things at home these tips on How to stay focused when working from home help me work smarter and get things done faster. There is always the never ending to do list that seems to be completed here is 
How to prioritize when your to do list wants to kill you.

This cube test will tell you everything about your personality from buzzfeed video 
I love this little white flower dress, its perfect for any summer activity except if attending a wedding. LOL! I am so happy the rain showers have ended and the sun has come! Here are 11 white Summer dresses I will be trying this season. With the Summer season quickly approaching many of us look at our summer clothes and think we have nothing to wear. Here are 6 questions a personal stylist would ask you about your wardrobe? 

Here is everything you need for the ultimate t-shirt collection 
The older I get the more I respect and love my mom with everything that I am. She is the truth teller, the greatest support and the one created here on earth to be my mom. Here are 7 money lessons I learned from my mom. There is always a lesson hidden in our life experiences.
Life has a funny way of bringing things into your life you never considered before. Its like the thing you do for nothing in return is where your heart truly lies and that should be your career. Looking inwards this month I had to accept that my passions and dreams were changing and I needed to respect that. So in order to make a smooth transitions, here is what you need to consider before making a career change
I like this article I drank a gallon of water a day for better skin & here is what happened.  the realities of what is really like to drink all that water everyday all day. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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