Its Weekend! April Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
Its official, April is now gone and new month is upon us. I have learned to take every moment delicately and gratefully because tomorrow is not promised. I cant believe its been a year since we were last here! Can you believe I am a year older. I can't believe it! Its amazing how fast 365 days go by. I mean life is happening as we know it. Here are my April Goals! I really made efforts towards achieving every item this month but I know that when I just like about today I know taking it one step at a time gets me closer. 

My birthday this year came and went! I had special quality time with my sister and rode the capital wheel at National Harbor for the first time. Something i have always wanted to do and it was so worth the wait! Here is what I wore on my birthday this year! 

STYLE IT FOR THE BLOG! Since this weather has not decided what it is yet! I can definitely try this look. How to wear Jeans over the dressHere is a nice Spring day Outfit with this Floral Swing Dress There is something about this Terracotta Outfit I love from The Fashionably Broke 

I have learned that dressing in neural colors always gives you a vibe of sophistication and chicness that wins every time! Its on my list to try this since i am moving toward defining my style even more as I  evolve. Easy Outfit Combos that Kill it every time! 
We can all learn so much from the internet. Here are 10 Affordable Online Courses You should take to Boost Your Career and it can take to another level. Every so often we all need to know  how you get things done more effectively in life and career.Coming together with people who motivate, inspire and push you toward your goals is the key to collaborating and fostering community because we need others to help us to the next level in our personal growth. 
This is vital information for me because I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer. The best packing tips (for actually packing when you're packing) 

How to Shop Once, Cook Once and Eat Clean for the Whole Week

It is my mission to redecorate my bedroom this year! I am always inspired and looking for ideas! see more of Urban outfitters super affordable home line 

I am always up for learning new tips for anything including  8 Tips for tackling Flea markets like a pro 
Did you know that Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix in the very near future? Oh my goodness I was so excited to hear this because I loved the series as a teenager! Here are 24 things we know about the Gilmore Girld revival so far! I am definitely going to do so major binge worth watching leading up to the premiere. 


This article  Being 30 and unmarried made so much sense because I can relate and I learned that every person has their own path and that's okay but I know good things come to those who wait! 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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