Blue Short Suit + Pink Lace Blouse

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
As you read this post I am up in the air somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Miami for my friend’s Bachelorette weekend. I am so excited to spend some quality time with her and our friends. It will be great fun. When packing for a trip, I tend to always over pack take items i don’t need or use while on the trip and can never decide on what outfit i can wear on each day so I have to bring options. Its has always been a fashion struggle to commit and just wear what works for the actual trip and the activities I will do.  As I figure out what ways I can better prepare and pack for a trip I do have some easy travel tips for short flights within the United States. I was recently learning and researching ways I can incorporate the capsule experiment  into my summer wardrobe. They say that implementing a theme or color to your outfits when traveling can decide and commit to outfits that can work together and create more than one look with few pieces. Its something that i need to constantly work on to be a better traveler and ultimately a better packer. 

This outfit is just Fabulous! It makes me feel like a character out of the TV show Miami Vice. With all the color and structured suits  with an island feel it was so easy to be there and solve a case in style. Its also a perfect outfit to end this week and April in true Vintage Miami Vice style. In a matter of fact it gives me an ideas to do a series of favorite tv shows and their main characters fashion sense of style. I did it when Scandal first came into our lives. What to Wear when You’re Olivia Pope. It need to come this fall when Prime time returns. Its decided. Coming soon to a new outfit series inspired my TV. 

photos c/o Saumya 

Outfit details: Hair: Crochet Braids: Freetress deep Twist  Hair | Milani “Teddy Bare” Nude Lip Color | Aldo Bonadomane Sunglasses | South African Beaded Necklace | Vintage Blue Blazer + High Waisted Shorts | JustFab Floral Sandal Heels | Black Clutch | OPI “Mai Tai” NailColor

What I Wore a Year ago today: Inspired 
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