3 Simple Steps to the Best Denim Look Ever

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I really love denim, I mean really obsessed. I wear denim all day every day! Ever since my high school days, I have always felt the most comfortable in denim. So naturally  I am constantly looking for new ways to wear and style denim and find ways  how I can make it fresh and interesting. Soon after a blog photoshoot with my blogger friend Saumya (p.s you should check out her blog here) and I went right into window shopping before lunch. As Saumya was checking out and finalizing her purchases I saw this image of a model wearing a cropped denim jacket, over a chambray shirt and some skinny jeans and was immediately inspired to create and style this look my way. You never know where your inspiration comes from so keep your eyes open. 

I really love denim, I mean really obsessed. I wear denim all day everyday!

Do you wear denim on a daily basis?  Do you have a full range of denim washes that could be styled together in a fresh new way? I am always thinking of style options for wardrobe and I have honestly loved wearing all of my favorite denim pieces at the same time. See this other way I wore denim here. So instead of shopping for this look I highly recommend you start with your closet because you probably have all these pieces you need to style this look. 

Here are three simple steps to create the best denim look ever: 

Step One: Shop Your Closet! 
The first step to creating the best  denim look ever is to take just a few steps into your closet. Do I have more than 2 denim washes in my wardrobe? Do I have a Chambray or Denim Shirt? Do I Have a Denim Jacket? If you don't have these you can always borrow from your friends or sister's wardrobe? If not please do not complete Step 2 until you can get these 2 to 3 essential items. LOL!   
90% percent of us have our favorite pair denim in our wardrobes already! 
Look for your favorite pair of jeans. 90% percent of us have our favorite pair denim in our wardrobes already, so we don't need to spend any money on new ones. You can go skinny, or ankle or boyfriend jeans what ever your taste.
Next, choose your Denim or Chambray Shirt. It can be a different denim wash either dark or light blue or it can be a different textures. 
Finally, find your favorite denim jacket. Choose the one that makes you feel confident and stylish at the same time. It must also be a similar denim wash that will compliment the jeans and denim shirt. 

Step Two: Pair different denim washes + textures together

Now its time to put all together the jeans, the denim shirt and the denim jacket. Creating an outfit is all about this step trying multiple ways to style this look. You could roll up your jeans, to show your ankles and shoes or half tuck the denim shirt to make it more casual chic, you could also drape your jacket over the shoulders for a picture or button it up all the way to showcase your accessories or a boyish stylized look. 

Step Three: Add your Signature Accessories

To complete the best denim look ever you will need to choose your favorite signature accessories like a watch, bracelets, earrings, necklaces,  purses and shoes. Whatever you choose make sure it speaks to your personality and lifestyle. Your signature accessories can make or break your outfit. You can definitely dress up or down the look with just a few changes of the accessories. Make sure they count. 

Photos c/o Saumya 
Outfit Details:  Madewell Chambray Shirt | Madewell Denim Jacket | Madewell Skinny Ankle Jeans | Grey Strappy Sandal Heels | Aldo Bonadomane Sunglasses | South African Bead Necklace | Qallary Clutch

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