Monthly GOALS: JANUARY 2016

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
Happy New Year! A new year means a brand new time to start achieving your greatest dreams one small step at a time. That is why  I started by choosing 5 goals a month to get done and get closer to my ultimate career and life goals. You can read how i got started in May 2015.  I hope it encourages you to break down the big goals into smaller achievable steps that move you toward your dream realized. I am so proud of myself I made it to the end of 2015, here my december goals definitely want to continue to work toward my goals for this blog and beyond in 2016. 

Every January we all want to be fit and get healthier. Its the most common new years resolution. And unfortunately this new motivation fizzles out three weeks into the year! I dont want that to be me. I want to see my skin and body look and feel healthier than it ever has before. So I ave decided to break it down into smaller steps! I read all the benefits of lemon water and made the conscience effort and bought organic lemons and once a day drink warm lemon water everyday for a week, after a couple of missed days I got back on track and I now its slowing becoming the habit I want to be in my daily routine. My challenge is to see how this small change improves my body and skin in thirty days. 
The last few months of 2015 where spent planning, preparing and producing my goals for the new year. Unfortunately I got sidetracked with the holidays and family around. My goal is to catch up and really learn to stay ahead of time by getting my editorial calendar and social media schedule written and ready to execute so that i can continually grow my blog audience and social media follow ship by creating valuable content that can be used. Its been life changing in my personal and professional life, in terms of goals I have in my future. I will start making plans, positioning myself to achieve, and producing next level quality in my blog posts content and the styledbykesha brand. First thing is to start planning the first quarter of the year  with themes, topics that focus on style, travel and life lessons. Creating valuable useful content is key. 
My goal this month is to create a daily to do list using the technique to get things done. So every Sunday I plan my week ahead and I know it will change how I get things accomplished. I have really seen the benefits of practicing this method. It simplifies your tasks and creates an ease to the work that has to get done. I hope it really helps me get the results I want. I know will help me stay focused and finish the projects (task, blog posts, etc..) one step at a time with prioritizing what is most important and getting it done when I schedule it in for the day! 
One of the reasons I started blogging is to tap into my creativity however somehow i lost inspiration and motivation. My goals are to always produce the best creative work that inspires moments, experiences,in style, travel and culture. 2016 is the year I get back to basics and explore what makes life worth while. I discovered Bullet Journal as a way to document memories and moments that mean the most to me. I also want to expand my personal and professional networks to expand my horizons and experience new things this year! Make it a year to remember! 
I want to stay connected to my African culture and heritage so I want to read more authors that grow my knowledge and help me stay inspired and connected to the continent where my ancestors are from.(see 4 African Stories You Must Read I will restart the book club my sister and I started in 2014. But first I will have read this book to make sure I can Make Things Happen with these strategies and a book review each month on the blog. 

Want to see my previous goals? Great! See it here: December 2015 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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