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Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
It has been a long while... and I miss blogging so much! Its like a lost touch with a close friend! It has just been a crazy busy this summer. With starting a demanding new job, being a bridesmaid and maid of honor and those responsibilities of hosting the bachelorette and bridal shower I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog a cool fashion forward outfit.

Blue Stripped Blazer + Red Denim + White Converse

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
So every season I somehow know when I need something new in my wardrobe. As I have been observing and people watching a lot of street style and noticed the trend of the white converse sneaker for the summer. Since its the first official day of summer I wanted to dedicate this week to my new favorite summer essential: The White Converse. Today, I wear it with my favorite red denim and blue/white stripe blazer. Its being patriotic without being patriotic.

Monthly GOALS: JUNE 2016

Hello Friends, Happy June!
We are officially half way through the year! Have you done things that you wanted to accomplish this year yet? As the days turn into weeks and then months time goes by and we tend to sit and wait for things to happen, waiting for tomorrow and hoping someday things will happen and come together nicely in a perfect gift! But thats not how life works friends. Getting to the dream life you have always wanted takes a daily decision to work hard, pursue opportunities and a constant hustle mindset that gets you there. You can wish and hope you will get to your dream, but it actually takes one step at a time toward the path you set out. Each step and encounter that you come across builds your character and strength to really fully enjoy the process and the journey. As the quotes states its not the destination but the journey that shapes the life that you want. Here are the five goals I have set for myself this month. Even if I don't get eve thing done, I know that I tried and put in effort to make it happen everyday. See my goals for April. 

Its the Weekend! May Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
This month went by so fast, and I haven't even had a chance to breath, from surprises to transitions to new roles may has definitely brought into a new world. Its both exciting and a little intimidating to venture out into this brand new phase of my life but I am ready to see what the good Lord has in store. Here are my favorite links, video clips and favorite outfits and life moments that inspired me and gave me new hope.

Orange Black Print Off Shoulder Top + Distressed Denim

Hello Friends, Its Friday! 
Since it’s officially Friday and its practically the weekend, I know you are probably looking for some weekend wear inspiration. Here it is, this orange and black print off shoulder top and distressed jeans are a great combination to get you weekend on right. Where would you wear this to? 

Multicolor Blazer + Orange Tie Dress

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday, 
So what do you think? I know what you’re thinking, what can top that Orange Geometric Print Shift Dress from Monday’s post. Nothing Right! Until you see this outfit. Its the perfect energy booster you need to get you through hump day. I paired this simple tie orange dress with this colorful blazer that makes you happy and sends a positive style flavor that anyone needs. 

 photos c/o Saumya 

Outfit Details: Red Hue Orange Dress | Multicolor Blazer | Old Navy Snake Print Sandals | Kate Spade Mini Crossbody | Stella & Dot Coral Cay Necklace | Gold Rim Black Sunglasses | 
What I wore last year today: Americanah
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Orange Geometric Print Shift Dress

 Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
When a bright color inspires you run with it. Let it inspire your creativity. Let it inspire the theme of your outfits for the week and help you plan what you will be wearing this week. First you pick your favorite color of the Spring/Summer season, then you search for complimentary and neutral colors that match and then you let the magic of styling, fashion and your personality take center stage as they come up with combinations that you have never thought of before. This recipe for an outfit will inspire you to always think outside the box. This bright orange color from OPI “Mai Tai” nail color  is what inspired me and I ran with it and as a result I got to see my clothes, style combinations and given me a whole new energy to my personal style. Today will begin with this orange shift dress and then we will go from there. I hope you enjoy this theme this week.

Photos c/o Saumya 

Outfit Details: Maggy London Shift Dress | Alex Ani Light grey heels | Qallary Envelope Clutch | Madewell Gold Leaf Necklace 

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What I Wore a Year ago today: Gone with the Birds 
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Its Weekend! April Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
Its official, April is now gone and new month is upon us. I have learned to take every moment delicately and gratefully because tomorrow is not promised. I cant believe its been a year since we were last here! Can you believe I am a year older. I can't believe it! Its amazing how fast 365 days go by. I mean life is happening as we know it. Here are my April Goals! I really made efforts towards achieving every item this month but I know that when I just like about today I know taking it one step at a time gets me closer. 

My birthday this year came and went! I had special quality time with my sister and rode the capital wheel at National Harbor for the first time. Something i have always wanted to do and it was so worth the wait! Here is what I wore on my birthday this year! 

STYLE IT FOR THE BLOG! Since this weather has not decided what it is yet! I can definitely try this look. How to wear Jeans over the dressHere is a nice Spring day Outfit with this Floral Swing Dress There is something about this Terracotta Outfit I love from The Fashionably Broke 

I have learned that dressing in neural colors always gives you a vibe of sophistication and chicness that wins every time! Its on my list to try this since i am moving toward defining my style even more as I  evolve. Easy Outfit Combos that Kill it every time! 
We can all learn so much from the internet. Here are 10 Affordable Online Courses You should take to Boost Your Career and it can take to another level. Every so often we all need to know  how you get things done more effectively in life and career.Coming together with people who motivate, inspire and push you toward your goals is the key to collaborating and fostering community because we need others to help us to the next level in our personal growth. 
This is vital information for me because I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer. The best packing tips (for actually packing when you're packing) 

How to Shop Once, Cook Once and Eat Clean for the Whole Week

It is my mission to redecorate my bedroom this year! I am always inspired and looking for ideas! see more of Urban outfitters super affordable home line 

I am always up for learning new tips for anything including  8 Tips for tackling Flea markets like a pro 
Did you know that Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix in the very near future? Oh my goodness I was so excited to hear this because I loved the series as a teenager! Here are 24 things we know about the Gilmore Girld revival so far! I am definitely going to do so major binge worth watching leading up to the premiere. 


This article  Being 30 and unmarried made so much sense because I can relate and I learned that every person has their own path and that's okay but I know good things come to those who wait! 

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Blue Short Suit + Pink Lace Blouse

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
As you read this post I am up in the air somewhere over the Atlantic on my way to Miami for my friend’s Bachelorette weekend. I am so excited to spend some quality time with her and our friends. It will be great fun. When packing for a trip, I tend to always over pack take items i don’t need or use while on the trip and can never decide on what outfit i can wear on each day so I have to bring options. Its has always been a fashion struggle to commit and just wear what works for the actual trip and the activities I will do.  As I figure out what ways I can better prepare and pack for a trip I do have some easy travel tips for short flights within the United States. I was recently learning and researching ways I can incorporate the capsule experiment  into my summer wardrobe. They say that implementing a theme or color to your outfits when traveling can decide and commit to outfits that can work together and create more than one look with few pieces. Its something that i need to constantly work on to be a better traveler and ultimately a better packer. 

This outfit is just Fabulous! It makes me feel like a character out of the TV show Miami Vice. With all the color and structured suits  with an island feel it was so easy to be there and solve a case in style. Its also a perfect outfit to end this week and April in true Vintage Miami Vice style. In a matter of fact it gives me an ideas to do a series of favorite tv shows and their main characters fashion sense of style. I did it when Scandal first came into our lives. What to Wear when You’re Olivia Pope. It need to come this fall when Prime time returns. Its decided. Coming soon to styledbykesha.com a new outfit series inspired my TV. 

photos c/o Saumya 

Outfit details: Hair: Crochet Braids: Freetress deep Twist  Hair | Milani “Teddy Bare” Nude Lip Color | Aldo Bonadomane Sunglasses | South African Beaded Necklace | Vintage Blue Blazer + High Waisted Shorts | JustFab Floral Sandal Heels | Black Clutch | OPI “Mai Tai” NailColor

What I Wore a Year ago today: Inspired 
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Ya Mado Print Crop Top + Skirt

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof, because I'M happy! I know that you know the song! Its the Happy Song! Do you know why I'm Happy? Because, Do you know what today is? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! WOOHOO! Its truly a blessing to see another year of life! I am so happy that my face hurts from smiling extra hard! And what makes me happier is that I get to spend it with my sister! I get to spend this birthday with the ones that are truly close to my heart and that is all the gifts I need but you know gifts are always welcome and received with a grateful heart! LOL! Anyway about this outfit! I had it custom made from this purple YA MADO/ Angelina JAVA African Print my Mom brought for my Christmas gift. This is the first time I am wearing it and I love it! I was inspired to design it with this extra big skirt in mind and it turn out beautiful. As we were walking to this location a passerby complimented me on the look. I guess I do have a future talent in designing. For now, all I WANT TO DO IS TWIRL LIKE THE WIND FABULOUS!!! 


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Maroon Blazer + Green Polka Dot Blouse

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
I am super excited because I have a birthday this week! I am turning a year older and it is a blessing that I get to see. Yesterday, As I was driving to church, I was listening to the Grace Church sermon as I always do and I heard something profound that has stuck with me and compelled me to share it on Snapchat and Facebook. Its something that we always need to stay true to: OURSELVES! He said this, YOU WERE BORN AN ORIGINAL, DON'T DIE A COPY! Isn't this statement so true! When we are not focused on our own gifting, talents and skills and working toward or in our purpose, we sometimes compare ourselves to others instead of working on the very thing that makes us unique and special! Isnt this life lesson right on time to not only motivate you this week but to keep you grounded, focused and centered on what I can give to the world and not what others think i should or copying another person's story to get the same result. One thing I know for sure is that Different People are different! So guess what, I am doing to do? I am going to take this life lesson and apply it to 2016 and take it as a gift for my birthday!

Photos c/o Saumya 
Outfit Details: H&M Maroon Blazer | Old Navy distressed Jeans  | Green Polka Dot Blouse | Qallary Envelope Clutch  | Brown Square Tortoise Sunglasses  | Faux Suede Strappy Heels (similar) | African Bracelets |
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