Do you want to go FAST or FAR?

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 

Its the last Monday of 2015! Wow! This time next week it will be a brand new year and a brand new start. I wanted to share this African proverb because its the greatest lesson I learned this year! If I want to succeed as badly as I want to breathe I cant do it by myself! Its impossible to move forward in life without someone supporting you by your side. Its impossible to achieve the best if we don't give others the chance to help us reach those goals. When we go fast alone we tend to make more mistakes, our work suffers because we are balancing too much in our lives and we cant focus on one thing at a time and perfect on the skills and talents we like the most. 

There are two words that stand out for me. The words are FAST and FAR. They make the most impact in this African proverb. FAST means moving or able to move quickly, taking a short amount of time, operating quickly. When we think of achieving success in career and life. Going fast alone is not good for long term living. When we go fast, we think we can do it alone and that is the best way. We boast, we become prideful and think we owe it to ourselves for all the success we achieve. Sometimes when we go fast we dont think things through completely, we are less planned and less cautious which can affect  future long term results. Then when our goals are not what we expect it to be we crash and fail to complete. FAR is defined  as a long distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing is distant from another ) Over the large expanse of time or space. Going FAR is always moving forward, working together, collaborating to make things better as we travel along the journey, people who work together never stop, we may get to the destination slower but we were constantly moving, always in motion, with encouragement, support and perseverance. Because we are helping each other achieve goals  we move toward success that is long lasting faster and will stay successful in the long run. 

This quote reminds me the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Always remember life and success is better experienced when we achieve it slow steady and with a good group of people around you that gives you the confidence and courage to achieve the best. This is the greatest lesson I have learned in 2015. Life is meant to be LIVED TOGETHER. Together we help each other build up our skills, our character, our passions and our goals we also hold each other accountable and push each other toward greatness. 
  Here are three ways we can "go far together" in the new year 2016 

Write down your GOALS you set for yourself. 
Writing down your plans for the new year, then being specific what your strengths and weakness this  can help you work on what you do best then delegate your "weaknesses" to someone else who can do it better and faster than you will help you achieve your long term goal faster. 

Ask for HELP with everyday tasks 
Everyday tasks can be help with daily house chores, to errands and the in-between. If you need more time to work, getting things done. Your "village" (family, close friends) is there and knows what it will take for you to get where you are going. 

Share your SKILLS and help others around you. 
This is so important! Sharing your experiences and skills can open up new opportunities, new groups of people and collaboration happens and grows your skills and character. This is where success lives and breathes and keeps the dream growing as it evolves and matures to everything you've ever imagined. 

Sidenote: Read this African Proverb next: Kindness is a language. 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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