Denim Jacket + Purple Lace Skirt

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
This Lace skirt is one of my favorite buys of the year! I bought from a friend and its a great addition to my ever growing and changing stylish wardrobe. I first wore it to fashion event in DC and then to a friends surprise birthday dinner back in April (see Shades of Lavender). Since it was a warm fall day I styled it more casually with a light blue denim jacket, white button shirt and a fun graphic purple print scarf to complete the look. We found this railway track right behind this casual restaurant that's in a historic house. It was so much fun taking photos with beautiful fall foliage as it perfectly lay on the tracks. Literally 5 minutes after we wrapped the blog shoot, a mass cargo train zoomed by and literally pushed us back against the railings and it was super loud. It definitely gave me the boost of energy I needed to finish my day strong. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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