2015 Style Resolutions Update

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
Welcome to the last Throwback Thursday of 2015. This is a time of a lot of reflection and how we can improve in the new year.  Remember those resolutions I made back in January? I was recently browsing through my blog archives and came across the 5 Style Resolutions  and I wanted to look back to see if I did accomplish them all before I make new style resolutions for 2016. 

Embrace my African Cultural Heritage
I started this blog almost 4 years ago to showcase African inspired fashion and  style more African inspired outfits and I definitely want to get back to that. I want to write more about different African fashion designers and how the international  fashion industry embraces the African perspective on fashion. Its a growing industry that I want to motivate and inspire me in my personal style. I will also do more blog posts on living an African inspired lifestyle here in the Washington DC area. 

See full outfit here: Off Shoulder 

See more of my favorite African inspired outfits below 
African Tunic + Denim Skirt 
African Top + Red Jeans 
Black Crop Top + African Tailored Maxi Skirt 

Shop My Closet
Be able to shop my closet and find different ways to wear African Fashion in my everyday life. I believe the more you create outfits for the different occasions and events in your life, the more I will embrace it into my current wardrobe. It will give my style the boost it needs. 

See Full Outfit Details here: Geometric print Jacket Dress 

See more shop my closet outfits here below 
Thrifted Shirt+ Yellow Dress 
Pattern Shirt + Blue Blazer 
Trench Coat + Denim Dress

Invest/ Style more in African Fashion Designers collections
I want to buy and support more contemporary African Designers. Investing in these collections will eventually be seen on the blog and it will teach me to be careful and thoughtful when buying luxury items. 

See Full Outfit Details here: Independence Day 

See More ways I invest in African designer collections

Grey Dress + African Statement Necklace 

Wear Bold Colors 
Wearing more Bold Color Monochromatic looks will elevate my style to a whole different level of fashion. Its a more sophisticated and mature look that I cant wait to try this Spring/Summer season. I think the trick would to find colors that perfect suit my skin tone.  

See Full Outfit Details here: When Color Meets Leopard 

More Ways I Wore Bold Colors in 2015 
The Cocoon Coat 
Maroon Monochromatic 
The White Vest 

Upgrade my Style + Step Outside Fashion Comfort Zone!
Since Fashion is about trying new things and most of all having fun with you look. In the new year, why not step out of your comfort zone and challenge myself to different style types, I want to reinvent celebrity style that I love. This will be fun to try on the blog and let you tell me what you think! 2015 is the year to try something out of the ordinary and change my style for the better. Whether its in makeup, hairstyle, accessories or clothing choices. I resolve to do something different. Do something new. Who knows I  might surprise yourself and actually like it! 
See Full Outfit here: The Little White Dress 

See More ways I upgraded my style in 2015 here below click the links below! 
African Maxi Skirt 
Mixing Prints and Patterns 
Layered Jumpsuit 
Swan Lake 

Sidenote: See the Original Post Here: 5 Style Resolutions
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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