2015 Style Resolutions Update

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
Welcome to the last Throwback Thursday of 2015. This is a time of a lot of reflection and how we can improve in the new year.  Remember those resolutions I made back in January? I was recently browsing through my blog archives and came across the 5 Style Resolutions  and I wanted to look back to see if I did accomplish them all before I make new style resolutions for 2016. 

Embrace my African Cultural Heritage
I started this blog almost 4 years ago to showcase African inspired fashion and  style more African inspired outfits and I definitely want to get back to that. I want to write more about different African fashion designers and how the international  fashion industry embraces the African perspective on fashion. Its a growing industry that I want to motivate and inspire me in my personal style. I will also do more blog posts on living an African inspired lifestyle here in the Washington DC area. 

See full outfit here: Off Shoulder 

See more of my favorite African inspired outfits below 
African Tunic + Denim Skirt 
African Top + Red Jeans 
Black Crop Top + African Tailored Maxi Skirt 

Shop My Closet
Be able to shop my closet and find different ways to wear African Fashion in my everyday life. I believe the more you create outfits for the different occasions and events in your life, the more I will embrace it into my current wardrobe. It will give my style the boost it needs. 

See Full Outfit Details here: Geometric print Jacket Dress 

See more shop my closet outfits here below 
Thrifted Shirt+ Yellow Dress 
Pattern Shirt + Blue Blazer 
Trench Coat + Denim Dress

Invest/ Style more in African Fashion Designers collections
I want to buy and support more contemporary African Designers. Investing in these collections will eventually be seen on the blog and it will teach me to be careful and thoughtful when buying luxury items. 

See Full Outfit Details here: Independence Day 

See More ways I invest in African designer collections

Grey Dress + African Statement Necklace 

Wear Bold Colors 
Wearing more Bold Color Monochromatic looks will elevate my style to a whole different level of fashion. Its a more sophisticated and mature look that I cant wait to try this Spring/Summer season. I think the trick would to find colors that perfect suit my skin tone.  

See Full Outfit Details here: When Color Meets Leopard 

More Ways I Wore Bold Colors in 2015 
The Cocoon Coat 
Maroon Monochromatic 
The White Vest 

Upgrade my Style + Step Outside Fashion Comfort Zone!
Since Fashion is about trying new things and most of all having fun with you look. In the new year, why not step out of your comfort zone and challenge myself to different style types, I want to reinvent celebrity style that I love. This will be fun to try on the blog and let you tell me what you think! 2015 is the year to try something out of the ordinary and change my style for the better. Whether its in makeup, hairstyle, accessories or clothing choices. I resolve to do something different. Do something new. Who knows I  might surprise yourself and actually like it! 
See Full Outfit here: The Little White Dress 

See More ways I upgraded my style in 2015 here below click the links below! 
African Maxi Skirt 
Mixing Prints and Patterns 
Layered Jumpsuit 
Swan Lake 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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The Best/ Favorites of 2015

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
Today I want to reflect on the year 2015! Wow What a year! 2015 was the fastest year of my life. I never been so challenged, pushed, and encouraged. Looking back is when you realize that a lot as happened and many memories made. I am proud of what I have accomplished. I am proud of my consistency on my blog, getting more clear of my passions and what I would like to do in 2016. I cant wait to see whats in store for me this year! Before we look forward, we must reflect back on what a wonderful year 2015 was. here are my favorite posts from each month of 2015. See below! 

I really stepped up my outfits in 2015. I shared everything from African inspired outfits to Work Outfit Wednesdays to general stylish outfits that turned to be my favorites. over all I loved how my style evolved and matured over the year. I started my blog themes in March and I was so excited to create content surrounding that topic and theme. Here are my favorite Word of the month posts. I love getting advice about life, career and style and i want to definitely share more valuable content in the new year!I  gave a few tips on life, career, travel and style this year. Here are those worth rereading.  Here are my favorites: 
Spring Forest 
When Color Meets Leopard 
6 African Bloggers 
How to be a Fabulous Wedding Guest 
The Blogger SCENE 
 6 Ways to relax this Summer 
The Relaxation Routine 
August is only the beginning
How to Invest in yourself
5 Business Lessons 
4 Ways of Mastering Your Social Media Brand
6 African Bloggers 
Marry the Dream 
20 Things I have learned in my 20s 
3 Life Lessons from being Thirty 
Hidden Talents
Autumn Goals 
3 Ways to be Generous 
Do you want to go fast or Far? 
You Learn to Cut down Trees 
You always Learn more when you lose
WE have to Dare to be ourselves 
Kindness is a Language
5 Travel Tips for really Long Flights 
5 Travel Tips for Short flights 
The Last Time
Jamaica, Jamaica 
Ocean Blue
5 Style Resolutions 
5 Ways to Wear a Trench Coat 
4 African Stories You Need to Read 
The Granta Book of the African Story 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Do you want to go FAST or FAR?

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 

Its the last Monday of 2015! Wow! This time next week it will be a brand new year and a brand new start. I wanted to share this African proverb because its the greatest lesson I learned this year! If I want to succeed as badly as I want to breathe I cant do it by myself! Its impossible to move forward in life without someone supporting you by your side. Its impossible to achieve the best if we don't give others the chance to help us reach those goals. When we go fast alone we tend to make more mistakes, our work suffers because we are balancing too much in our lives and we cant focus on one thing at a time and perfect on the skills and talents we like the most. 

There are two words that stand out for me. The words are FAST and FAR. They make the most impact in this African proverb. FAST means moving or able to move quickly, taking a short amount of time, operating quickly. When we think of achieving success in career and life. Going fast alone is not good for long term living. When we go fast, we think we can do it alone and that is the best way. We boast, we become prideful and think we owe it to ourselves for all the success we achieve. Sometimes when we go fast we dont think things through completely, we are less planned and less cautious which can affect  future long term results. Then when our goals are not what we expect it to be we crash and fail to complete. FAR is defined  as a long distance (used to indicate the extent to which one thing is distant from another ) Over the large expanse of time or space. Going FAR is always moving forward, working together, collaborating to make things better as we travel along the journey, people who work together never stop, we may get to the destination slower but we were constantly moving, always in motion, with encouragement, support and perseverance. Because we are helping each other achieve goals  we move toward success that is long lasting faster and will stay successful in the long run. 

This quote reminds me the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Always remember life and success is better experienced when we achieve it slow steady and with a good group of people around you that gives you the confidence and courage to achieve the best. This is the greatest lesson I have learned in 2015. Life is meant to be LIVED TOGETHER. Together we help each other build up our skills, our character, our passions and our goals we also hold each other accountable and push each other toward greatness. 
  Here are three ways we can "go far together" in the new year 2016 

Write down your GOALS you set for yourself. 
Writing down your plans for the new year, then being specific what your strengths and weakness this  can help you work on what you do best then delegate your "weaknesses" to someone else who can do it better and faster than you will help you achieve your long term goal faster. 

Ask for HELP with everyday tasks 
Everyday tasks can be help with daily house chores, to errands and the in-between. If you need more time to work, getting things done. Your "village" (family, close friends) is there and knows what it will take for you to get where you are going. 

Share your SKILLS and help others around you. 
This is so important! Sharing your experiences and skills can open up new opportunities, new groups of people and collaboration happens and grows your skills and character. This is where success lives and breathes and keeps the dream growing as it evolves and matures to everything you've ever imagined. 

Sidenote: Read this African Proverb next: Kindness is a language. 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Multi-Color Blazer + Green Vintage Dress

Hello Friends, Merry Christmas! 
I have noticed that when my family is in town, I seem to gladly step away from social media and blogging and just focus on spending quality time with my family making memories and just live my life in the moments and treasure everything. That's what I am doing this holiday season. This outfit is something I would wear for the Christmas Eve church and Christmas Dinner. Its elegant, stylish and is worthy of the holiday theme of red, green, white colors of the season. if you are like me and need some holiday outfit inspiration here  is What to Wear When its Christmas Day. For now,  I wish you a Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year 2016! 

Photos by Saumya 

Outfit Details: Vintage Green Dress | Multicolor Blazer |  F21 Gold Necklace | African Bracelets | Madewell Brown chunky Heels | Urban Expressions | 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Its the Weekend! December Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
I know what you're thinking  this monthly favorite links post is a week early. With Christmas holiday just a few days away I wanted to share my favorite links for December and next week would be for 2015! Can you believe it the year is over.It's definitely a time to reflect, learn and improve your methods to make 2016 a great year as well. 
One of my goals is to create my own archive of go to recipes for my life and future family! I need to plan it out and prepare my kitchen and have time to execute. Here is a recipe I can start with these beef empanadas from smitten kitchen  are a simple start? 
This holiday gift guide beauty finds under $50 are great ideas to get my holiday shopping underway. I also like the Everygirl Holiday Gift Guide for everyone special in your life. This is a great and simple DIY gift idea for friends and family members who love coffee, these Gold Dipped Mugs is one of those projects I have to try! Here are 5 tips for decorating your house for the holidays. 
I get my style inspiration from other style bloggers and influencers from all over the internet. I really like this crisp white look called Suit Up . This outfit is so sophisticated I love everything about it with Stripes and Oxblood . I love wearing monochromatic looks! It makes me feel sophisticated and truly dressed up! my current favorite color is maroon/burgundy! Here is How You Wear Monochrome Burgundy . Next year I would love to create my own capsule wardrobe and here is How to create a capsule wardrobe .
 I love these holiday looks Emerald Jumpsuit & Tiered Lace Dress by Wendy's Lookbook. I love this holiday style from desk to dinner outfit from the forage fashion blog. Since I wear jeans 365 days a year why not wear it during the holidays as well! I love this style article How to get away with wearing jeans at any holiday happening . 
Since its beginning to feel more like December and these  7 winter style tips to survive the colder season are essential. I am loving this new collection by designer Christie Brown, its so chic! 
Are you wondering what your next steps are? See these 5 lessons for finding your next career move This is an interesting article about Americans living abroad and how it gives you a different perspective of the United States and the rest of the world. 
I really like this list of 26 things every person should do for themselves at least once a year. It inspires me to start this year and get a few things done. Just read this article: Stop Marketing like its 2012 by Gary Vaynerchuk 
I really like this post on the 7 ways to make your audience love youAs we transition into the new year its a good way to think about these 52 thoughts about Self Worth and Social Media 
I really want to be more productive during the week and reading the 5 Home habits of really effective people will help me start each day right! 
As the fall ends and winter season commences I am going to be putting together a list of activities I can do so I wont get cabin fever. Here is the Ultimate reading list that I will choose books from. I love these Holiday decor ideas How to Transform your Entryway for the Holidays I might try this out for my apartment balcony. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Grey Sweater + Black Pleats Mini Skirt

 Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
When in doubt wear a neutral V-neck Sweater. That's how this outfit came together one very warm afternoon in November. The wool cardigan is worn just the way I used to wear it as a kid playing in the playground. It can be used as a layering piece for when its extra warmth in the office or when its actually gets cold this winter. Of course adding a blazer and tights will make this work wear appropriate but as a style blogger I can wear it like this as it is your style inspiration. If you haven't noticed I love finding ways to style items in my closet and the last time I wore this black pleats mini skirt was when I went to a networking party. The best thing about this outfit is that it has a pop of color to this black and grey look. 

Sidenote: See This Outfit Next: What to Wear When Networking 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Blue Blazer Jacket + Geometric Print Skirt

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
Can you believe Christmas is only 11 days away! Ahhh!  I haven't even started with my holiday shopping yet!

Plaid Shirt +White Tee +Distressed Jeans

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 

Black/White Cocoon Coat + Leopard Print Ankle Booties

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
Don't you love this outfit for work! I mean you can't go wrong with black and white, its a Classic and then add the leopard skinny belt and these leopard booties take this outfit to the next level.

6 Holiday Shopping Tips!

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
Welcome December! We have reached the last 30 days of the year! With 25 days until Christmas its time to begin to start holiday shopping. It makes me think of this song, and then it gets stuck in my head. "I hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing, ring ting tingle-ing  too come on its lovely weather for a sleigh ride with you." Doesn't it get into the holiday shopping mood. Why does Christmas music gets me in the spirit to shop and think of the holiday season. This year I want to get prepared to shop smart for my loved ones. These 6 holiday shopping tips and tricks as way to be and stay right on track. 


Hello Friends, Welcome December! 
Its beginning to look alot like Christmas! Haha not! This weather reminds me of Christmas in Johannesburg, South Africa where we sip a cold lemonade soda and have a barbecue on Christmas day! But this weather is indeed different! I'm definitely not complaining but now i know for sure that climate change is real. December is definitely a time of reflection and of planning new ideas for the new year. I started this Word of the month series as a way to carry a theme throughout the month to give me ideas stay on track and inspire so outfits. i started this series with Transition to Celebration, to Embrace, Wanderlust, Adventure, Relaxation, Investment, Authenticity, Generosity and it ends with Unity

Unity is defined is the state of being united as a whole oneness. the state of forming a complete and pleasing whole in an article context. 

Can you believe its time to start wrapping up 2015, its time to reflect on the your accomplishments and failures. its time to make detailed plans of where and when you are going to execute your goals for the new year. Unity is what brings us together. Its what supports and pushes forward toward our dreams. Spending time with family helps us realize who we are and what life is supposed to be. Unity helps us put everything into perspective. So I will be stepping away with  just a few more posts for the holiday because its important to me to create memories I can remember and not just take pictures for social media. However I will be back for new year with brand new  content just for you. I'm wishing you all a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year 2016! 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Black Lace Dress + Leopard Skinny Belt

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
Lets all toast to the Holiday season! Here is my first holiday inspired outfit! Yes its a simple black dress but what makes it different is that is a 3/4 sleeve lace dress adding texture to the simple little black dress and makes for an interesting stylish piece. I would wear this dress to an holiday office party or friends Christmas party. Either way you can definitely style it to your taste with different accessories and color/pattern heels to personalize your look. Whatever you do make sure you spend this holiday season with the ones you love the most! 

 photos by Saumya 

 Outfit details: Madewell Black Lace Dress | Madewell Leopard Print Belt | Jessica Simpson Polka Dot Heels | African bracelets | Milani "Black Cherry"Lipcolor | 

 Sidenote: See This Outfit Next: Black Shift Dress 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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