5 Travel Tips for Short Flights

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
As the holiday travel season quickly approaches and Thanksgiving right around the corner  I wanted to share a list of  tips I have learned while traveling domestic flights. Here is my 5 below. 
Get Your Mind Right. Make sure you had a restful sleep and started your day with a good cup of coffee or breakfast. Whatever your morning routine is, just have a positive attitude. This is the first thing you need to have. Arrive early to avoid  long lines at the checkout counter and through the travel security process. Begin the day with a smile and patient attitude because its the busiest time of the year where everyone is trying to get to where they are going at the easiest way possible. 
With new regulations on what you bring into the plane and cost to check in a bag  we tend to naturally over pack our carry on luggage. We just need to learn to pack smart. Flight attendants are starting to catch on and now weighing and double checking the luggage so beware. 
I have noticed that on domestic flights there is a menu of snacks you can buy on the plane. Don't spread your money there. Plan ahead and get your healthy snacks beforehand. That trail mix, the chips and cookies, or veggie sticks. The only thing you should buy after the security checkpoint is water. Because liquids aren't allowed from the outside
This is where you should wear that really heavy jacket and sweater on the plane depending on your destination. It's fall and the weather can be a little unpredictable so make sure you pack a variety of sweaters but wear the heaviest items if you are just traveling with a carry on. This will minimize the stress of over packed suitcases and easy time traveling
Once you're settled into your seat. Relax your mind.  I suggest resting and relaxing. Take a nap, read your favorite novel. Turn off the phone and just relax. This is the time to really begin your holiday by being present and just enjoying the journey. This will help you to leave work at work and truly enjoy your quality family time to the fullest. Life is lived in moments and this is the only time. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next Time. 
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