3 ways to be more generous

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 

When November comes, I always think of ways to start with a grateful heart  and I wanted to share three ways we can give ourselves to others during the holiday season. I have been volunteering for many years and I have learned and been blessed to know that when I do dedicate some part of my life to others there is always far more than I gain. Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I wanted to inspire a new way to think of ways give back to your local community.  It is important to know we can all be an positive influence in others lives. I wanted to share these three easy ways to make a difference in your community with your time, treasures and talents to truly make an impact in the world. 

When I think of time, I think of it being a moment that keeps passing us by if we don't use it wisely. The definition of time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Time is a gift that is precious and must be spent wisely. Here are 4 ways we could spend our time. 
Spend quality time with friends and loved ones: Moments spent with family and friends are what make memories and make the quality of our lives better. Thinking of others and what they would like to do with show love and appreciation in a whole new way. 
Smile and be pleasant: Having a positive attitude and spirit will make your day better and others as well. 
Volunteer: Offering your time to others will always give you far more then what time you give away. 
Try something new: We should all spend a little more time learning something new to improve our lives and others around us. 

Treasures are what we earn in our jobs and careers. it is also what we give value to. Treasures is defined as a quantity of precious high value items. Here are two ways we can give our treasures. 
Research places to give: We need look for the organizations and groups of causes we value to really put our treasures to work. 
Start small, build a routine on giving monetary funds: You can definitely start with giving small at church and giving your clothes at consignment stores and at the Salvation Army. 

Your Talents are your skills, your passions that make life more enjoyable for you. Why not share it with others. Talents can definitely put a smile on peoples face. 
Be an expert: Share your talents by teaching others your skills and talents. Volunteer and teach the next generation what you have learned. Teach them about the mistakes you have made and how to became better. 
Mentorship: Be the role model and example to a person and guide them in the steps of their dreams by showing them what it takes to be successful through your actions and daily routine. 

I know that these 3 ways to be generous can definitely get ourselves out there and really give and share with those in your community. 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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