Gray Dress + Plaid Scarf

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 

I really love the neutral grey color for fall and winter. Its less harsh and dark color than black which gives a brightness to the dreariness of the colder months. It is a versatile neutral that can be worn with any color. From deep colors like purples to navy blues, to bright colors like yellow and pink; it can be paired with other neutrals like black, brown or camel, white and different shades of grey as well. I'm loving the monochromatic grey looks I am seeing as well from other fashionistas and style bloggers. I'm feeling a new color series on the color grey coming on, do you agree? Its  like new inspired content coming through from this very outfit post! See my favorite fall trends I can wait to dive into. 

Anyway, this is also a basic cotton dress that can be accessorized in any way that is purely based your personal style. It was a very rainy day when we shot these photos, the kind of rainy day that shifts the summer like fall weather to a bit of wintry fall weather that wakes you up and makes you think twice before heading outside with no sweater or jacket. I decided to pair it with this plaid scarf which I got last season as well. I love it when I'm still on trend with just shopping my closet. These booties were a last minute purchase I got at earlier this year at the end of the last winter season and I couldn't wait to wear it again. My signature African bracelets add hit of my Congolese heritage and the purse matches perfectly with the color of the season from the African fashion company called Woodin to add the African twist! I also liked also like the way styled this grey dress when I was inspired by the TV show Scandal with the character Olivia Pope in What to Wear When You're Olivia Pope. 

Photos c/o Saumya 

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