31 days of Authencity!

Hello Friends, Happy October! 
 Its a new month so I  wanted to start a new blog series this month! Each morning we will start the day with an inspiring quote about authenticity and by the end of the thirty one days we all be inspired to be more of our true selves. Will you join me on this journey? See Day one's quote of the day below! 

I like this quote to start October! Being true to yourself requires you to look inside  yourself and find your truth, your dreams, your desires and your strength. It's an honest assessment of what you really want out of life and the quality for which you want to spend it. It's looking deep within your soul to find your purpose and search for a way to live it with everything that you have. Stay tuned for Day two! 

Side note: Read this Post: You learn more when you Lose! 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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