Pink Blouse + Floral Skirt

Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday! 
I really like wearing this floral skirt for work and for casual weekend days. Its so versatile. I got it on one of those shopping days when you i was supposed to be browsing when the sale prices motivated me to buy and I haven't regretted it since. Today I have decided to pair it with this pink top and South African beaded necklace with the Kate Spade mini clutch that compliments the look perfectly. I enjoy styling outfits with different shades of the same color which adds dimension and style depth. If you are a creative professional this skirt can be styled with a light pink blazer or if you like stripes I like the Floral Skirt that gives it pencil skirt power or on a casual Sunday with a denim jacket when you feel rejuvenated.  Everything goes even this Wardrobe stable The Chambray. Whatever way you decide it shows its versatility that allows you to take your creativity to the next level.

Photos c/0 Myriad Musings 

Ways to Wear This Floral Skirt: What to Wear When You're a Creative Professional | Pencil Skirt Power | Rejuvenated | Chambray + Floral Skirt 

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