It's the Weekend! September Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 

Wow! This year has flown by and this is now fall! 

I really like how August went for me and decided to share the two lessons I learned about consistency and always striving to your goals in this post: August is only the beginning. This month's theme was to Invest In Yourself! 

Do you know How to Invest in Yourself? There were three different areas I wanted to focus and invest my time into improving and taking to the next level. It all starts with invest in your confidence. Then invest in your wardrobe and finally invest in your career or purpose. 

Since May I have started the first few days of the month with my month goals. Find out what my goals were these past thirty days: September Goals 

When transitioning from Summer to Fall you should wear this to work. What to wear to work this fall?  

How do you wear this Floral dress both now and later? See how I styled this floral dress from Red Hue Collection  for Late Summer, early fall and for later on late fall, early Winter 

I really liked these primary colors and styles three different outfits around the colors red white and blue. See Red Pattern Skirt, The White Vest, The African Top 

I really like these creative tips to styling outfits for the week in Get Creative with your Closet 

I have always wanted to create a gallery wall for my Postcard collection. With these tips on how to curate art for a collage gallery wall I know that I can do it too! 

This month I also got the opportunity to attend the glam app launch in DC where I got to meet fantastic stylists and artists in makeup, hair and nails. See my completed glam look here with The White Dress. 

I can always use helpful tips in creating the life i want with these 6 tips on improving Work/Life balance 

I always like to participate in monthly linkups with the B bar, the question was what are you goals for fall? Find out what I wrote and what all my fellow bloggers wrote as well. 

I have also wanted to create content for my blog that fits my niche and focus before I publish, it really has me thinking of my writing/drafting posts for my blog: The Writing Process for Blog posts 

I really like this article that the Mattieologie blog: How to Shoot 5 Outfits every week.  

I like these 20 blog post ideas for when I have major writing block

I really like this checklist I need to go through before and after I write my blog post the 17 things I need to do for every blog post. 

I am always looking for ways to be productive at home when I am working on blog posts and really getting anything done at home. I really like this article about being  Productive I know it will help me a lot in all parts of my life. 

Before the Fall turns to Winter I really want to take a trip this season: This list on where to travel this fall can really help narrow the list. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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