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Your Wardrobe says a lot about who you are and where you are going. So its so important to invest the time and energy that is need to present yourself with professionalism, personality and poise. As a style blogger I am constantly challenging myself to dress better, style creatively and come up with dynamic content that both stays true to my blog mission and that inspires you to style yourself more creatively. Here are 4 tips to invest in your wardrobe everyday! 
Know your Personal Style 
Finding what your personal style is the first step investing in your wardrobe. Knowing your style will help you when you shop when you chose clothes daily to wear and what to where when you have a special event or occasion. 
Shop your Closet 
Before shopping, look whats in your closet, see what you have, try to create outfits with the pieces you have. Organize your closet in outfits, or categorized by item or the way boutiques organize their collections. By shopping your closet you discover what your go to pieces are. You will find what needs to be replaced and what you need to create more outfits for your lifestyle. 
Buy Quality Pieces 
When shopping for pieces make sure you make a list and shop stores that have quality pieces that fit your shape, style and personality. Investing Quality pieces means it will last longer and better for your skin and your wallet. Invest  in quality basic pieces. For example, denim, a white shirt, a suit abc many more. I'm going to have to write a whole new post and this in the coming weeks. I really like it when different topics give you more creative ideas for posts. 
Find Inspiration everywhere
When you know your personal style finding inspiration to create new outfit combinations are everywhere through popular culture, fashion magazines, people you admire and the nature around you. Look at different websites such as, style caster and many more for inspiration. This gives you confidence to try new styles that take your personal style to the next level.

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