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Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday!  

I have always struggled with my confidence, it had its ups and downs, it's mountains and valleys. It was placed on other people's approval of what I was doing and supposed to do next. It was superficial because it was based on purely external factors that now I realize constantly changes and never really stabilizes. Fear was holding me back with disguising itself through procrastination, disorganization and laziness.  I had to move past these hurdles in order to truly focus on my dreams and build my confidence from within. Fear is what was truly holding me back from greatness. I remember a friend of mine, almost shaking me asking me why I was holding back because they could see the greatness but I was not connecting to it, fear was blocking it and my confidence was the consequence. Well I decided that was no longer going to be my story and I have started one day at a time creating the space for me to be confident from within. It takes a lot of everyday with but I know it's worth it in the end. 

Confidence is something that develops within. It's something that needs to grow and mature over time. It's about accepting who you really are and what you need to work on to become your best self. Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. The definition says we have to appreciate our unique talents and treasures once we do this we can use it to our benefit and fully move forward and conquer our dreams and goals. We need confidence to push us when times get hard, challenges arise or we feel unmotivated. This is where organization and consistency really help stay focused on the big picture and really do each task because it has become a way of life and habit that is not based on feelings. Confidence is key to living our best life. Here are six ways we can build our confidence everyday! 

Start your day with positivity
Having a positive attitude in the morning is key to staying confident throughout the day. Waking up at the right moment so you have time to get ready and proceed with your everyday routine will help you start your day off right!  
Words of Affirmation 
Positive verses, quotes, reminders, inspiring quotes will definitely push your confidence way up! Have it in a place where you can see it as you get ready for your day in your closet or on your bathroom mirror! These words of affirmation will boost anyone's energy and motivation to get through the busy work day! It's a huge confidence boost! 
Be Prepared! 
Creating habits and systems that will keep you organized, ready for anything is a huge boost to your life and career aspirations. When you're always progressing by keeping your resume update, looking for new opportunities within your company, going above and beyond on every project or assignment all serves as being prepared and ready for that next level. I am constantly working, thinking brainstorming on ways I can stay prepared and get better at blogging by providing valuable content for this blog. It serves as my elevator and running pitch and when that next level opportunity that comes around I will be ready. I would also keep all social media platforms consistently updated and professional at all times. Keep business and personal life separate. 
Surround yourself with friends that lift you up 
Keep quality people around you at all times. Have friends and family members who always support you in your endeavors. Make sure you can trust them. Ask questions on how you can improve and rely them for critical feedback. Take it and apply it whether good or bad it's a way to grow and grow your confidence. Hearing the negative from your support group can help you learn, change, work the your weakness and strengths in a safe place where you will definitely grow with thicker skin when going out into the world to get dreams accomplished. 
Treat your flaws as strengths
Your flaws are what make you special and set you apart from the crowd. Embrace them and use it to boost your confidence and experiences to the next level. That what make you unique, and authentically who you are.  
Go with your heart 
It is always recommended to go with your heart and what it desires! That's the only way you will enjoy your life to the fullest. Do the things that make you happy and joyful and fill you with confidence from within. It's true that we only get one life to live so might as well live it the way It is intended to. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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