How to Invest in yourself!

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Investing in yourself requires commitment and patience. It working toward a better  result with effort and hard work. It is to live the best life possible. Several questions swirl in my head about this. The first is What do I need to work on both professionally and personally? And what is holding me back from moving forward in my career and my life goals? One thing I've learned about adulthood is that you have as much control on your life as much as you believe and have faith that it will succeed. Life is what you make of it. Investing in yourself requires honesty, acceptance and being truthful with why and how you will get there. You are the most valuable asset. You life adds value to others, at work, your community, your family and your friendships. We are all here for a reason greater than we know. So its up to us as individuals to make sure we understand what and why and live by the principles that will take us to our purposeful destination. Here are 6 ways on how we can invest ourselves for a the best life. 

Look at Your Strengths 
Write down a list of the things that you are passionate about and the things you are good at. Invest your time in finding how these passions and skills can help develop your dream career. Focus on what you like and grow it from there. Find Mentors who are doing the same thing and shadow them for a day. Google and Research ways you can improve these skills so that you can always do your best! Your strengths are what set you apart and make you special and unique. So you have to take the time to invest and grow these skills, talents to something bigger than you ever imagined. 
Start a Time Diary/Journal 
Assessing what your day looks like will help see what you make time for, what you value and whats important. Knowing what you are doing each day will help you evaluate and eliminate what is unnecessary and will help form a more productive day. 
Get a Mentor 
Having a mentor can really help you invest your time wisely by learning their processes and learning from their mistakes. They will show you want it really looks like day to day! Having a Business Best friend that you can talk to about new ideas and ways to grow will help you develop your skills stronger and faster at a exponential new level. 
Read a Great Book 
There are so many books that will help you dig deeper and invest more into the life and career you want out of life. I would start with Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk and Making things Happen by Scott Belsky. Both these books will help jump start you spending time and really finding what you're passionate about. 
Start a New Habit 
Starting a new routine and exploring new activities will help you discover what to focus on. This will help with organization and time management. Setting a new routine and schedule will only better prepare you for a successful future. 
Be Thankful 
Always be thankful and appreciative for every experience that got you to this point will only push you forward to work hard at what makes you special and unique. These life lessons and experiences will only build you up and grow your character into the best person you can be. 

Sidenote: Invest in yourself | You Know You're an Adult When 

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