Teal Peplum Dress with Red Handbag + African Bracelets

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
A great Way to transition to fall is to start wearing fall colors of the season. I decided to wear this peplum dress in this muted teal color with a bright red lip as an example of what to wear to work on a Wednesday! Its in a thicker cotton material that was so fall appropriate. I would wear this outfit to work in a professional office environment. I like how the floral heels compliment the color of the dress and the red handbag. 
 Photos by Saumya 

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You always LEARN more when you LOSE!

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
Why is this African Proverb so true, " You always learn more when you lose than when you win." Its a statement that resonates after the loss or the lesson, or the failure. I have learned a lot through my mistakes, my losses, my failures and i can say they have made me a better stronger person. For this #mondaymotivation I wanted to focus on what I learned this month. It's theme was investment. And what you need to do to improve yourself to be great. One of the lessons I have learned that everything takes effort. Investment takes patience, consistency and daily research to improve your odds to get even better. 

When we put effort toward anything sometimes we win and sometimes we fail but we learn from our mistakes more than ever. That is if we are willing to admit our wrongdoing and want to get better and persevere through the challenging trial or lesson. We learn new strategies, we adapt and we try again. Knowing that there is an equal chance that we might fail again and there is a great reward at the end. It is worth the risk because the dream is bigger than the trials and challenges. Through the valley is the only way we build stronger stamina and character as we mature, we dig deeper to create stronger roots all before the world gets to see the fruits of our hard working, long hours, no sleep labor only to come in  during the harvest season. We always learn when we don't succeed. We just have to look at each set back as a way to a comeback. When you lose its a chance to be authentic, honest, pick yourself back up, be vulnerable which is the greatest strength and know that it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. That is when you win, when the lesson is learned and applied. Everyday is a new day to learn something new. To build your character and share your experiences with others. 

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Bright Yellow Dress + Thrifted Pattern Shirt

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
Sometimes when I  think I have nothing to wear and have exhausted my all my options I suddenly creativity bursts through and this outfit pops up in my head as I drifted off to sleep the night before this blog photo shoot. Its my first look as I transition from Summer to Fall. Its one of the most challenging times of the year because it starts off being cooler in the mornings, warms up in the afternoon and then cools down again so you end up having to dress for three different climates. So I wore this lightweight shirt over a bright yellow cotton dress with some close toe wedges. Its my attempt at accepting whats coming which is much cooler fall weather as the days get shorter and nights get longer. 

Photos c/o Saumya 

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It's the Weekend! September Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 

Wow! This year has flown by and this is now fall! 

I really like how August went for me and decided to share the two lessons I learned about consistency and always striving to your goals in this post: August is only the beginning. This month's theme was to Invest In Yourself! 

Do you know How to Invest in Yourself? There were three different areas I wanted to focus and invest my time into improving and taking to the next level. It all starts with invest in your confidence. Then invest in your wardrobe and finally invest in your career or purpose. 

Since May I have started the first few days of the month with my month goals. Find out what my goals were these past thirty days: September Goals 

When transitioning from Summer to Fall you should wear this to work. What to wear to work this fall?  

How do you wear this Floral dress both now and later? See how I styled this floral dress from Red Hue Collection  for Late Summer, early fall and for later on late fall, early Winter 

I really liked these primary colors and styles three different outfits around the colors red white and blue. See Red Pattern Skirt, The White Vest, The African Top 

I really like these creative tips to styling outfits for the week in Get Creative with your Closet 

I have always wanted to create a gallery wall for my Postcard collection. With these tips on how to curate art for a collage gallery wall I know that I can do it too! 

This month I also got the opportunity to attend the glam app launch in DC where I got to meet fantastic stylists and artists in makeup, hair and nails. See my completed glam look here with The White Dress. 

I can always use helpful tips in creating the life i want with these 6 tips on improving Work/Life balance 

I always like to participate in monthly linkups with the B bar, the question was what are you goals for fall? Find out what I wrote and what all my fellow bloggers wrote as well. 

I have also wanted to create content for my blog that fits my niche and focus before I publish, it really has me thinking of my writing/drafting posts for my blog: The Writing Process for Blog posts 

I really like this article that the Mattieologie blog: How to Shoot 5 Outfits every week.  

I like these 20 blog post ideas for when I have major writing block

I really like this checklist I need to go through before and after I write my blog post the 17 things I need to do for every blog post. 

I am always looking for ways to be productive at home when I am working on blog posts and really getting anything done at home. I really like this article about being  Productive I know it will help me a lot in all parts of my life. 

Before the Fall turns to Winter I really want to take a trip this season: This list on where to travel this fall can really help narrow the list. 

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Denim Maxi Dress with African Inspired Necklace

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
I love this dress for fall! Its the perfect weekend denim maxi dress. When I saw this dress at ZARA a couple of years ago I knew I had to have it. I didn't know how but I knew I will because unique clothing pieces in my closet are an inspiration and creative burst in my life. This African beaded necklace is one of the beautiful pieces I got on my Summer trip this past June. It was at the Rosebank Arts Market in Johannesburg, South Africa. When I saw it I immediately fell in love because I love one of a kind jewelry pieces. I also love this necklace I wore with my grey dress last month. I should do a African Jewelry Blog post very soon. Anyway, I first wore this dress as a skirt and I called it The Skirtdress. I love its versatility as well. This dress can definitely be worn as it gradually gets cooler as the fall season progress. However for now, I'm enjoying the last days of warmth and sunshine in this dress. Please enjoy the photos below! 
 Photos c/o Saumya 

Sidenote: See this Dress is a totally different way here: The Skirt Dress
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Invest in Your Wardrobe

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
Your Wardrobe says a lot about who you are and where you are going. So its so important to invest the time and energy that is need to present yourself with professionalism, personality and poise. As a style blogger I am constantly challenging myself to dress better, style creatively and come up with dynamic content that both stays true to my blog mission and that inspires you to style yourself more creatively. Here are 4 tips to invest in your wardrobe everyday! 
Know your Personal Style 
Finding what your personal style is the first step investing in your wardrobe. Knowing your style will help you when you shop when you chose clothes daily to wear and what to where when you have a special event or occasion. 
Shop your Closet 
Before shopping, look whats in your closet, see what you have, try to create outfits with the pieces you have. Organize your closet in outfits, or categorized by item or the way boutiques organize their collections. By shopping your closet you discover what your go to pieces are. You will find what needs to be replaced and what you need to create more outfits for your lifestyle. 
Buy Quality Pieces 
When shopping for pieces make sure you make a list and shop stores that have quality pieces that fit your shape, style and personality. Investing Quality pieces means it will last longer and better for your skin and your wallet. Invest  in quality basic pieces. For example, denim, a white shirt, a suit abc many more. I'm going to have to write a whole new post and this in the coming weeks. I really like it when different topics give you more creative ideas for posts. 
Find Inspiration everywhere
When you know your personal style finding inspiration to create new outfit combinations are everywhere through popular culture, fashion magazines, people you admire and the nature around you. Look at different websites such as Whowhatwear.com, style caster and many more for inspiration. This gives you confidence to try new styles that take your personal style to the next level.

Sidenote: Continue with the Series: How to Invest in Yourself | Invest In Your Confidence
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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The Pattern Midi Dress

 Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday! 
I love this  Midi dress for Fall and Work. It has an easiness, an effortless vibe to it! The kind of dress that will get you through another work day on a Wednesday! It will lift your mood, your energy, your productivity cause you know that you know everyone knows that you look good. This outfit can easily be transitioned to a date night or after work dinner with this leather jacket and black heeled sandals! I love this dress so much this is the second time I have worn it. Check out how I wore this dress the first time in Midi length. Otherwise please enjoy these photos below. 

Photos c/o Saumya 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Autumn Goals

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
I have once again joined the September Link up post with the ladies at the BBar  and the Well: The B Bar  Blog. I'm so excited to share with you my goals, wishes and dreams for this Fall Season. Over the next 4 months, I am definitely motivated to get things done. September is like a brand new start since its the beginning of a new season and with change new things always pop up and re-energize my spirit and will. These are the three themes I will focus on the rest of the 2015. 
To Be Authentic 
I am always challenging myself to grow and become a better me. That means to get organized, stay true to my desires and the goals I want to accomplish that move me closer to my goals. September I'm focused on investing in myself and what areas I need to do more and grow.  
To Be Consistent 
I know that making a decision to commit to a task takes consistency to see anything grow and develop. Consistency to be taken seriously and develop an engaged following. Its what helps get my blog, brand and future business off the ground to the next level. I will stay consistent in my pursuit of joy and happiness by surrounding myself with positivity and energy. I will be consistent with staying connected to all the relationships I have and dig deeper to get closer. 
To Always Dream Bigger and Better!  
I always want to challenge myself to dream, aim higher to new heights and develop my dreams to the something greater than I have ever imagined. It takes dedication, perseverance and commitment to see the dream develop and grow. 

Earlier this year  in March (See May Goals )I started my journey to get fit and healthy and to finally get one of my life goals off the list. Each day I challenged myself to run faster, train harder and get stronger because it pushed me to run a decent time. It has indeed been a challenge to always be motivated to stay focused when life gets in the way which it did and now that everything has settled down and I can focus on my life I am more focused than ever to get this started again and get it done before my next birthday. I will start with Zumba classes and running the 5k in my apartment fitness center at least 3-5 times a week. Also doing the Kayla Workout. I will make a plan each week and constantly challenge myself with core exercises as well. With my eating plan I need to start with drinking 8 oz of water at least 3-5 times a day and for in between meals drink a green smoothie a day. I think the next challenge starts in October. So I will need to prepare for that. 
After 4 years of blogging I have been wanting to change my blog template for a while and improve the overall branding of my blog. Its the first step in taking this blog to the next level so that I can monetize it fully and it can be my running pitch for the brands I want to work with in the near future. The next step is building my email list serv and creating exclusive content for Styled By Kesha readers. I will also create a monthly and weekly newsletter so that readers and see what highlights are featured on StyledbyKesha website. 
I have really enjoyed creating video content for my Youtube Channel. My goal is to become consistent with at least 1-2 videos a week. So I can be part of the Youtube community and create How to Style Videos, Talk Tuesdays about life lessons, experiences and topics and VLOGS of different events and travels I take around the US and abroad. 
I will develop social media strategies for each platform by focusing on the timely, the copy and the frequency of updating my audience. I will also engage with each community and really work to collaborate and make more friends on the internet. 
I am also looking to grow with better opportunities in my career goals outside of blogging and fashion. I want to be with a company where I can move up and establish longevity

All these goals I will hope to accomplish this fall season. I know that if I plan and organize myself I will be successful in getting it done before December 31st. Each month I also come up with a goal list of what I want to get accomplished in 30 days to keep me focused and determined. See September Goals here

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See this previous post here: THE FUTURE?!  | SEPTEMBER GOALS

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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Invest in Your Confidence

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday!  

I have always struggled with my confidence, it had its ups and downs, it's mountains and valleys. It was placed on other people's approval of what I was doing and supposed to do next. It was superficial because it was based on purely external factors that now I realize constantly changes and never really stabilizes. Fear was holding me back with disguising itself through procrastination, disorganization and laziness.  I had to move past these hurdles in order to truly focus on my dreams and build my confidence from within. Fear is what was truly holding me back from greatness. I remember a friend of mine, almost shaking me asking me why I was holding back because they could see the greatness but I was not connecting to it, fear was blocking it and my confidence was the consequence. Well I decided that was no longer going to be my story and I have started one day at a time creating the space for me to be confident from within. It takes a lot of everyday with but I know it's worth it in the end. 

Confidence is something that develops within. It's something that needs to grow and mature over time. It's about accepting who you really are and what you need to work on to become your best self. Confidence is defined as a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. The definition says we have to appreciate our unique talents and treasures once we do this we can use it to our benefit and fully move forward and conquer our dreams and goals. We need confidence to push us when times get hard, challenges arise or we feel unmotivated. This is where organization and consistency really help stay focused on the big picture and really do each task because it has become a way of life and habit that is not based on feelings. Confidence is key to living our best life. Here are six ways we can build our confidence everyday! 

Start your day with positivity
Having a positive attitude in the morning is key to staying confident throughout the day. Waking up at the right moment so you have time to get ready and proceed with your everyday routine will help you start your day off right!  
Words of Affirmation 
Positive verses, quotes, reminders, inspiring quotes will definitely push your confidence way up! Have it in a place where you can see it as you get ready for your day in your closet or on your bathroom mirror! These words of affirmation will boost anyone's energy and motivation to get through the busy work day! It's a huge confidence boost! 
Be Prepared! 
Creating habits and systems that will keep you organized, ready for anything is a huge boost to your life and career aspirations. When you're always progressing by keeping your resume update, looking for new opportunities within your company, going above and beyond on every project or assignment all serves as being prepared and ready for that next level. I am constantly working, thinking brainstorming on ways I can stay prepared and get better at blogging by providing valuable content for this blog. It serves as my elevator and running pitch and when that next level opportunity that comes around I will be ready. I would also keep all social media platforms consistently updated and professional at all times. Keep business and personal life separate. 
Surround yourself with friends that lift you up 
Keep quality people around you at all times. Have friends and family members who always support you in your endeavors. Make sure you can trust them. Ask questions on how you can improve and rely them for critical feedback. Take it and apply it whether good or bad it's a way to grow and grow your confidence. Hearing the negative from your support group can help you learn, change, work the your weakness and strengths in a safe place where you will definitely grow with thicker skin when going out into the world to get dreams accomplished. 
Treat your flaws as strengths
Your flaws are what make you special and set you apart from the crowd. Embrace them and use it to boost your confidence and experiences to the next level. That what make you unique, and authentically who you are.  
Go with your heart 
It is always recommended to go with your heart and what it desires! That's the only way you will enjoy your life to the fullest. Do the things that make you happy and joyful and fill you with confidence from within. It's true that we only get one life to live so might as well live it the way It is intended to. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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