You Learn to Cut Down TREES!

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
I wanted to start this week with a motivating words of encouragement for a great productive days and week ahead. This weekend, while at the working at Liquid Blue Denim Boutique I was really motivated and encouraged by the Mattieologie periscope on the importance of living a life you love. She spoke the words I needed to hear, "Living is the constant state of being uncomfortable to bettering yourself and others" You are just existing if you are comfortable because you are letting life pass you by each time we decide to go with the flow. She continues to say that "When you live what you love, you give others the permission to do the same." Wow! I was so inspired that I had my first periscope broadcast. The good thing is that I had 6-7 people join in for a little bit. I could definitely feel my nerves in a good excitement way, I was uncomfortable  and I wanted to do more. It shows that when you're uncomfortable it pushes you to grow in a new kind of way.

 The truth about being comfortable is that you get bored and boredom leads to procrastination which leads to complacency and an average life with no unpredictability or substance. If we want great things in our lives we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, we need to be ready for the next opportunity at all times. However we need to start with what we have and where we are at this very moment. When we start where we are, we are taking actively steps to toward our goals and dreams. We all need to  take ourselves seriously last week, I made a a promise to myself and #MarrytheDream.  All we need to accomplish these goals is a vision, commitment and a consistent attitude to adapt our skills one moment at a time. 

Today's Monday Motivation was inspired by this African Proverb, " 

You learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down" 

Each new skill is acquired through trial and error and practicing them until you've mastered it. I have a list of practical steps to living in the uncomfortable. I hope they help you conquer the week ahead in full on greatness. 

  • Make a Decision- this shows commitment to follow thru and see it to the end. 
  • Create a Timeline and Time Frame- this gives a sense of urgency and consistent pace as the time passes.  
  • Create a Daily tasks To Do List- breaks down the goals into practical achievable steps for everyday. 
  • Be Active and Do each of them- keeping your word to yourself is the most important and you deserve to see the end result to your goal. 
Making these steps will definitely get you one step closer to the your destination. Life is all about the journey with interesting twists and turns on the path. The obstacles, struggles and challenges make us stronger people and more determined than ever to see our dreams actualized. So may you conquer the goals you have set for yourselves this week and always live your best life. 

Start cutting your trees now! 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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