The Relaxation Routine

  Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
Lets Talk for a quick second! Since August is all about leisure and relaxation I wanted to share with you ways you can create your very own relax routine that you can add into your daily life schedule. Everything must be practiced and implemented in order to experience its benefits. So here are my tips and tricks to incorporating the best routine that your body, mind and spirit will appreciate every single day! Know  that you will get rewarded  with new  ideas, bursts of energy and new hope and motivation to go out and conquer your day! 

Be Quiet
The first thing is to decide when is the best time to practice your relaxation routine. Let's take a few moments in the early morning when we first wake up to just be quiet and mentally prepare for the day ahead. This is my quiet time where I read my bible and reflect on Gods word, meditate the verses and spend time in prayer. Being quiet is shutting down all distractions, notifications and sitting in your relaxation space in your home. Journaling whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night can help quiet the mind of stress and helps you maintain balance and release the tension of anticipation. 
Sleep Well
Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is vital to reducing the stress and allowing the body to rest, recover, relax and rejuvenate with a whole lot more energy for your work day ahead.  Getting into good sleep habits and routine can help stay relaxed all day.  First thing you have to do is plan it into your day and stick to it by setting on your calendar reminder. I think starting this will  boost you in the right direction. 
Meditate on the positive 
Beginning your day with positive thoughts and words can really push you to your best at your job and life! Start with memorizing a piece of text or positive affirmations.  
Exercise and release 
 Exercise is a great way to release  the stress and tension that your job and life can bring. Creating an exercise that incorporates stretching, breathing techniques into your workout can most importantly help you to maintain a relaxed focused self throughout your day. 

Take these tips to create your personalized relaxation routine.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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