Pink Blazer + Pattern Top + Gray Jeans

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday,
So the other day I stopped by Dawson's Market (a local natural foods store) to get my favorite Chicken Philly  sandwich, chips and green smoothie and as a reached the cashier she immediately complimented me on my outfit, I said do you notice I love purple? She agreed and then add that it was the complimentary colors I used with my accessories that gave the look a unique spin.  I knew that first this outfit needed to be blogged and secondly that I had to start a color series on the blog. I am still in the idea/brainstorming phase but I hope to have this series up in September. I really like this look for  #WorkoutfitWednesdays. I started this hashtag last summer to inspire me to get creative when styling outfits for work in the creative field. I just love how the pinks, gray and purple come together to create color harmony without looking too bright if you know what I mean. 

photos c/0 Myriad Musings 

Sidenote: See the Original #WorkoutfitWednesdays post 

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