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So, I have been following  Mattie James of Mattielogie Blog  and following her daily motivations on her Periscope she challenged us to stop getting distracted with our side hustle and actually take those steps to seeing the bigger picture propose and make a full commitment to our ultimate dreams. This was a wake-up call for me. I do sometimes get distracted by the details, the side hustles and short term achievements and forget what my ultimate dream is. Sometimes I get discouraged by other people's dreams, other peoples ideas, other peoples goals that I lose track of what mine is. It all goes back to my lack of commitment to my blog, brand and business. It stops today! 

Today I stand with my engagement ring at the altar of my greatest desires and dreams and make a promise that I will take you seriously, I will only publish my very  best content, my best ideas, I will take the time to plan my styling projects and execute. I will also research, creatively challenge myself to the next level and no matter what I will push through when I don't feel like it; because it is important to me that I see you through and  ultimately live the dream that you have set for me. I want to see what my life could be when I commit 110% to you. It is my purpose to see my greatest desires and dreams come true.  

When I started this blog, It was a fashion portfolio of my personal style, fashion education and knowledge to introduce me to the fashion industry. As the blogging scene has changed and I have grown into a life +  style blogger I now want the blog to reflect my unique view on fashion and life  through my African Heritage and culture and creating a business that speaks to these sentiments. 


Did you know that "a goal without a timeline is simply a dream" - Robert Herjavec. So I do plan to turn my dream into practical steps that get me closer and closer. 

My ultimate dream is to have a creative styling/marketing  studio that is focused on African inspired design in fashion, accessories, jewelry, home furniture and lifestyle . Be the one-stop destination for hottest African creative + Lifestyle brands in the United States. I also want to blog and  travel throughout the African continent  for latest fashion weeks choose curated collections specifically the American market while creating cultural content about each African nation. The long term goal is to have an African culture, clothes and coffee shop in the Washington DC area. 


The steps I'm taking to marry my dream is  to always be networking, connecting with other style influencers and educating myself through webinars, You tube tutorials and conferences and local blogger events. I work continuously to become a better blogger my staying true to my blog mission and post on a consistent three to five times a week. I also commit to creating a social media strategy that helps me promote my blog, and personal brand through the internet. I  also will create a blog schedule and a system that works best for me and my lifestyle. 

I will also do plan to start with my favorite local African spots (Restaurants, shops, boutiques, events, festivals, etc... ) in the Washington DC metro area. I will write reviews on the best restaurants, books and many more. For example, Read these posts: 4 African Stories You Must Read, African Film Festival,  and The Granta Book of the African Short Story  I realize that I have to use what I have  and do what I can do to get to that dream. Robin Roberts said this perfectly, "Dream Big but focus small on the day to day things that get you to your goal." Its  the daily everyday goals that lead to the dream and that's what I intend to do. 

When Dr Phil was on  Oprah on OWN's Lifeclass, he said that "The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline"  I will make sure that my goals are realistic and achieveable in a suitable time frame. In August 2016, I know I will be one step closer to my dream. There will be hard work,  challenges and obstacles but I know that my passion, determination and perseverance will take me to that destination where my dream resides. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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