Jamaica, Jamaica!

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
Visiting Jamaica has always been on my bucket list so when my birthday came around this year in April definitely took advantage of the opportunity since this is my milestone year! As soon as  landed I was amazed at the Island tropical feel that I immediately felt at home. Since it was my first time being in the Caribbean,  Jamaica is known as the land of wood and water. To see it with my own eyes as a breathtakingly beautiful scene was a moment I will always treasure. It was also so nice to spend time with my good friend Deanne. These photos are from our road trip to Ochos Rios Beach. We stopped by a beautiful Botantical garden and took a few pics in the river and breathed in the beauty of nature. Overall,  I had the wonderful pleasure of spending three days exploring downtown Kingston,  eating authentic Jamaican food and exploring the waterfalls and taking in the sunshine on the beach all from a local native's perspective. To be conitinued... 

*Stay Tuned for Part 2 + 3 and the Jamaica VLOGS coming up this week. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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