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Hello Friends, Happy Thursday!
Have you noticed my blog consistency this month has been #onfleek lately? Just call me the new and improved new content consistency princess!   I've been on this super blog mission since Monday, August 3, 2015 to put out new content 5 times a week. And so far, I'm slaying it like no other. I feel like David right as he pulled back that slingshot and conquered Goliath. It all started when I decided to make a commitment and #MarrytheDream and was inspired by this African  Proverb,"You learn to cut down trees." This decision has given me a new energy, a new perspective a new passion to focus on making my dreams come true. So today, I'm throwing back to my favorite #OOTD profile photos and sharing six of my hidden talents you never knew. I really like this is the new and improved Styled By Kesha blog. Its giving me life, joy and happiness that I want to feed more into your lives so much more with even more dynamic stylish content that will add to each of you my readers and supporters. 

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1. I love to SING! 
It has always been one of my passions to be a singer. I discovered this talent after a was part of a choir when I was a teen. Now I don't sound like Beyoncé but with a few voice lessons and more practice I can definitely sound like Corinne Bailey Rae! Lol!  
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2. I have a great sense of DIRECTION!  
I have always remember every place I have driven to! It's like I memorize it visually and then I don't forget where things are. It has helped me become street smart and always know my way around a new city or even my own. 

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3. I am a great COOK and fabulous HOST 

Over the last few years I have been a mission to be a better cook and host and I discovered that I really like hosting dinner parties and decorating tablescapes. Having a theme for each party allowed me to be thoughtful and creative in a new space. 

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4. I really love taking care of KIDS
I have a special place in my heart for kids. It's where my true calling is! It's my purpose and what makes me joyful!! After teaching in the Sunday School for so many years! I feel I understand children and they understand me. Children are always honest, see the world in simple beautiful ways and are always present in every moment. Their  presence calms me and gives me meaning and purpose in this world. 

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5. I have a sense of HUMOR
I love to laugh and make people smile! Others say that my unexpected humor is random and unplanned. It's just part of my personality and what makes me special. 

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6. I love  ballroom DANCING! 
I started taking ballroom dancing lessons to prepare for my brothers wedding and loved it! It's something I want to incorporate into my hobbies and fun activities in my life! My favorite dances are the waltz, salsa and swing! All upbeat dances that are so much fun to groove to. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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