Enjoy Life and Relax!

Hello Friends, Happy August! 
First  before you read this, I want you to stop what you're doing ,  take a deep breath  close your eyes and clear you're mind! This is all about relaxation. As we begin the last month of Summer I wanted to make sure that I get to relax and actually enjoy the warm days left. This Summer we were Wanderlust, Life took us on an Adventure and now its time to enjoy these last days of summer to relax and just breath! Relaxation is defined as a way to release tension and return to equilibrium. Life is all about balance, any extreme is not good for your overall life satisfaction. There always has to be an equal pace to your life. This is what relaxation is all about. We must all find ways to release the tension, stress, and anxiety that situations, issues and life's moments sometimes brings. Finding ways to relax is what we all need, most importantly finding the methods that work for us individually and collectively as a family, or group of friends. Life is all about maintaining a healthy balance. We all need a mental repose, calmness, stillness, we need to feel peaceful and really connect to those who and what is important to us. 

I really like quotes that speak to the heart of each month's theme. The quote above speaks to living your life in the present. It helps you learn how to release all the negative and just breath and take life for what it is. In August I definitely want to find many different ways and places to relax. I also want establish a relaxation routine and schedule to maintain balance in my life. To always stay centered keeping close to the people and things that are most important. I will appreciate the people in my life. I look forward to reestablish my fitness routine and my green juice daily challenge. I want to spend a beach day with my sister, the beach chair, umbrella, the really good sleep. I am so looking forward to that. I need to step up  and really commit to my Youtube Channel.  You will see all my August goals this Wednesday! But for now please see July goals here. 

Being present and being in a relaxed state helps you clear the mind of the clutter and focusses on what you really want out of life. Its the best place to be when making major decisions and they usually also show whats important and what can be cleaned out. Being centered and relaxed is the way to move forward with the dreams, goals and plans that need to get done. I really like quotes that get to the main point and point you to the very definition of what relaxation really means to life. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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