August was only the beginning!

Hello friends, Happy Monday! 

This is the official last day of what I call the greatest blogging posting month I have ever had in my whole blogging career. Yesterday I hit a huge accomplishment this past weekend. It's my hundredth post of the year and I am so proud of myself. Its like a hit the blogging jackpot. So this  is what it feels like when you post consistently and get so motivated to push and work even harder than you ever have before in your entire life. Something kicks in you to get into the zone as doors get opened and dreams get realized. These are the two lessons I'm taking into September!

Never Give Up!
Never giving up is more than just getting up after you have fallen down. Its more than just barely making it through the day. Never Give UP means you accept that you fallen, learned the lessons and as you stand up applying the knowledge to get up and try again. This is what I will take with me. This is what I learn through this African Proverb, "You learn to cut down trees, by cutting them down".  To Never give up you must learn that everything takes practice to get better. You must keep doing in order to succeed at what the task is. You must be comfortable with enduring, going through the valley and the trenches, you must be comfortable with perseverance. You must keep on keeping on. So even if the dream plan doesn't go as planned you learn to adapt and just go with the flow of where the journey is taking you. The point is to never give up on what the God given vision he has given you. 

Use What You Have
Once you have made the decision that you will stand up and do again. You need to find all the resources you can use in order to get things done. Use what you have. If you are a blogger and don't have a camera, borrow one or make a friend and collaborate together. Stop making up excuses! Ask yourself this question, How badly do you want this to succeed? If the answer is Yes, very badly  then you take every single opportunity you have and use it to your advantage. There is the public library use its free! There are a million and one tutorials on YouTube. Find a mentor, do whatever it takes to make your dream work for you while you are working toward getting the resources you need in your career. You have made a commitment to see this through. Read my previous post: #MarrytheDream 

I have learned so much about these two statements this month. I have stayed consistent  and with that I'm more motivated and excited to see my vision come to life. Never giving up is all about long term thinking and wanting to see the dream realized. Using what I have is a way to stop making excuses of what I don't have and use the resources I do have. It's seeing the glass half full. 

I used to make up all kinds of excuses of why I couldn't blog, why I couldn't grow, why I wasn't succeeding. Everything that has to do with success starts with a decision. We have to let go of fear and all reasons we cant and just take that leap of faith into the unknown. I have had a lot of obstacles that I had to overcome, I had very limited access to resources and I definitely had to come up with a solution. Once you commit and focus on that choice you do anything and everything in our power to get things done. Life in the about the journey and not the destination. See the three lessons I have learned so far 

Knowledge is like a garden. If its not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. - African Proverb

This quotes explains that if you don't make efforts to acquire knowledge than you couldn't expect to have it and if you don't put the knowledge you have to use you can't expect anything from it.The point is to never give up. If you truly want something in your life you need to give it all you have. it is true that you make time for what you want to make time for.

So I encourage you this week to use the resources you have to get things done and stop making excuses instead create solutions.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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