6 Ways to Relax this Summer!

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Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
Are you ready for the weekend? I want to share different ways you can relax . This  month is all about Relaxation . Life is all about balance and find different relaxation techniques that work for your lifestyle is great to make your life fulfilled and happy

Spending time alone with no portable devices distractions is so important to get recharged and ready for your day or end your day. Shutting down the noise and notifications on your devices can definitely take a break and take time to mediate, read a book. Take time to gather your thoughts and really get centered and focused. 

Writing your thoughts, emotions and to do list on paper can definitely reduce the stress, anxiety that you can feel overwhelmed down. Finding easy ways decrease the stress is essential to having a great productive day. Starting my day with the 5 minute journal by Alex Ikonn to begin and end your day is a great way to focus on whats important. Exercising your Brain with the Elevate App can keep your mind ready for whatever tasks come that day. 

Green Tea is has the l-Theanine a chemical that enters the nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety that elevates your mood. I really like the Starbucks peach green tea lemonade. Its so refreshing and perfect with a stroll at the end of busy day. 

Listening to calming instrumental classical, or jazz music has helped me get excited, motivated and shake some of the daily stress off. I also really like the musical scores from my favorite movies can really help relax you cause you immedieately start thinking of your favorite moments in the film and can definitely reduce the stress. Create a musical relaxation playlist on Spotify  

Take a break, and get creative. Play a board game, draw a picture, connect back to your childhood and play the games, do the things you used love to do. It will spark more motivation to get focused and motivated to finish each task strong.

After a long day or week taking a stroll around the neighborhood for 10 mins with the summer breeze lightly touching your face will help you immediately relax and just enjoy the present moment. When you're feeling overwhelmed or having trouble concentrating. the benefits of taking a walk or drive with alone time, physical activity and a few minutes to gather thoughts and calm on your emotions. 

Read all about August's theme here: Enjoy Life & Relax! 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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