3 Life Lessons from being 30!

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
It's amazing what you have learned through a casual conversation with a friend. So I after I closed the store I walked over to noodles and company for my favorite penne rosa dish, I bumped into a good friend I hadn't seen in a while and we caught up over pasta and life lessons that I've learned so far. This year I've been really reflective writing my thoughts( milestone) and past lessons (twenty things I've learned)  accepting where you are in life and moving forward is one of the most simplest and hardest things to do! Here are three life lessons I have learned from being thirty.

You are unapologetically yourself.
At 30 you know who you are, you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know who your true friends are, you are just beginning to understand what life means to you and how you want it to turn out. You are confident and stand your ground, you dont waver with the wind, you decide on what to do and who you want to be.

When you decide you commit
The thirties are the decade where you dont have as many chances to explore your options because you dont want to be perceived as immature and indecisive or not serious about your life. Turning thirty is a milestone because you have all this life experience  behind you now you have to use it to propell you forward into your dreams and passions. You get the privilege to position yourself for greatness but the first thing you have to do is focus, commit and stay consistent because success in life and career is to work hard, be patient and to live passionately because life is a marathon not a sprint.
 photos c/o Independance Day

There is still plenty of life to live
The good thing about being thirty is that there is still so much life to live, after the "oh my goodness, I'm thirty" phase fades away. You realize there is still a whole lot of living left to be done. Do you see the list of things you wanted to do in your twenties but never got to do, well you can still do them. you just have to plan and execute. You get a whole new burst of energy that is meaningful and spend your time intentionally. its when life gets serious in a good way. Life is all about the choices we make and the fun we have while living it.

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