August was only the beginning!

Hello friends, Happy Monday! 

This is the official last day of what I call the greatest blogging posting month I have ever had in my whole blogging career. Yesterday I hit a huge accomplishment this past weekend. It's my hundredth post of the year and I am so proud of myself. Its like a hit the blogging jackpot. So this  is what it feels like when you post consistently and get so motivated to push and work even harder than you ever have before in your entire life. Something kicks in you to get into the zone as doors get opened and dreams get realized. These are the two lessons I'm taking into September!

Never Give Up!
Never giving up is more than just getting up after you have fallen down. Its more than just barely making it through the day. Never Give UP means you accept that you fallen, learned the lessons and as you stand up applying the knowledge to get up and try again. This is what I will take with me. This is what I learn through this African Proverb, "You learn to cut down trees, by cutting them down".  To Never give up you must learn that everything takes practice to get better. You must keep doing in order to succeed at what the task is. You must be comfortable with enduring, going through the valley and the trenches, you must be comfortable with perseverance. You must keep on keeping on. So even if the dream plan doesn't go as planned you learn to adapt and just go with the flow of where the journey is taking you. The point is to never give up on what the God given vision he has given you. 

Use What You Have
Once you have made the decision that you will stand up and do again. You need to find all the resources you can use in order to get things done. Use what you have. If you are a blogger and don't have a camera, borrow one or make a friend and collaborate together. Stop making up excuses! Ask yourself this question, How badly do you want this to succeed? If the answer is Yes, very badly  then you take every single opportunity you have and use it to your advantage. There is the public library use its free! There are a million and one tutorials on YouTube. Find a mentor, do whatever it takes to make your dream work for you while you are working toward getting the resources you need in your career. You have made a commitment to see this through. Read my previous post: #MarrytheDream 

I have learned so much about these two statements this month. I have stayed consistent  and with that I'm more motivated and excited to see my vision come to life. Never giving up is all about long term thinking and wanting to see the dream realized. Using what I have is a way to stop making excuses of what I don't have and use the resources I do have. It's seeing the glass half full. 

I used to make up all kinds of excuses of why I couldn't blog, why I couldn't grow, why I wasn't succeeding. Everything that has to do with success starts with a decision. We have to let go of fear and all reasons we cant and just take that leap of faith into the unknown. I have had a lot of obstacles that I had to overcome, I had very limited access to resources and I definitely had to come up with a solution. Once you commit and focus on that choice you do anything and everything in our power to get things done. Life in the about the journey and not the destination. See the three lessons I have learned so far 

Knowledge is like a garden. If its not cultivated, it cannot be harvested. - African Proverb

This quotes explains that if you don't make efforts to acquire knowledge than you couldn't expect to have it and if you don't put the knowledge you have to use you can't expect anything from it.The point is to never give up. If you truly want something in your life you need to give it all you have. it is true that you make time for what you want to make time for.

So I encourage you this week to use the resources you have to get things done and stop making excuses instead create solutions.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Its the Weekend! August Wrap UP!

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
I can't believe Summer is almost over! Here is how I spent each month, I was Wanderlust, Went on an Adventure and learned to stay balanced by getting some much needed relaxation .This August I really wanted to commitment to posting new content every day of the week and I succeeded. It was a lot of hard work but I was committed to the process and wanted to be consistent. Consistency develops just and leads to great responsibility to my readers. I have learned alot and I know I want to share all the highlights down below! 

Since our theme of the month is Relaxation. Here are 40 ways you can relax in 5 mins or lessI have written about the six best ways to relax this summer thenI  created a relaxation routine that can be incorporated into your daily schedule.We can also get creative with How to create a relaxing space in your home. 

This what I wore  this month and it know it's all about crop tops and chambray dresses that will definitely prepare me for the fall season. I was loving the crop tops. I wore this black crop top from Zara that I loved styling with this Black Crop Top + African Tailored Maxi Skirt , for a more casual look,  The Palm Tree Print Pants  are a great fit! 

Floral Print is also been a favorite! I like it here Pink Crop Top + Floral Skirt and with the best sales ever I had to grabThe Flower Dress   after the fit was right for me. The. The Chambray Shirt Dress and The Chambray Shift Dress  are both going into my fall wardrobe. 

I love The everyday girl 30 day challenges! and its right on target with what this month is all about read more here: Making the most of every Summer!  The Everygirl august 30 day Challenge  . In order to have an relaxing environment: I need To have a 5 Step Wardrobe Cleanse 

What are the best times to post on each social media platform to get the maximum amount of reach and activity? Read this: The Best Times to Post on Blogs and Social Media for Optimal Engagement

If you are a blogger or an aspiring entrepreneur I  recently read this article by Maya Elious on the Nectar Collective called 3 steps to starting your business when you're just ambitious as you are broke and it was so interesting and true I had to share with it all of you. 

After watching Mattieologie on Periscope I was inspired to enter in the #MarrytheDream contest about giving your dream 110% commitment to make it a reality. 

I also liked what this African Proverb spoke into my life that it led to this reflection: You Learn to cut down trees!  

After a conversation with my friend about being 30 inspired a Periscope and now a blog post about the three things I've learned so far! 

I am also learning  how to grow my blog like a boss which has helped me immensely. 

Here is the most helpful infographic I recently on how to post on each platform: How to create perfect posts on Social Media 

I have really enjoyed all the quality moments with my family, being a auntie, friend and creative professional.  I'll have my final send off to August 2015 tomorrow in a Monday Motivation inspired post as we welcome September and all that I have planned for the next 30 days. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Black Crop Top + Palm Tree Print Pants!

Hello Friends, Happy Friday!! 
TGIF everyone! What are your weekend plans? This outfit came together so easily. Its like I had a vision  in my dream. Its the style six sense I have its comes when I know the outfit will work perfectly. It perfect for any summer activity, I wore this outfit to the Capfabb event on Mastering your Social Media Brand and it was a hit! I really get creatively inspired when I get positive feedback. It feeds my passion. I cant wait to dress these pants up for the fall. Black and white is such a classic combination that finding new ways to wear it fuels my passion for style and fashion right to the  next level. 

What inspires you to the next level? 

Photos c/0 Myriad Musings 

Sidenote: See other ways I styled printed pants here: Army Green Tank + African Printed Pants 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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4 Favorite Outfits for Fall

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
I woke up yesterday morning put on my new summer dress, stepped outside and immediately felt the very cool breeze the early signs of fall have arrived. I'm not ready to say goodbye are you?  With only a few weeks left in summer I wanted to share my favorite fall outfits inspirations from the StyledbyKesha archives to get me motivated and excited for the next season. This transition in  late Summer/early fall is all about light layering slowly adding warmer pieces to your summer wardrobe. I have 4 outfit inspirations below to get us both excited. 

I like the funky streetwise inspired outfit here. It takes this tie dye print dress and layers it with a chambray shirt, green jacket an high heeled sneakers that make it great for a casual weekend activity like one last Summer barbecue. It's definitely gives that urban chic vibe. 

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day. I like this outfit for the very next day. When you go back to work. This outfit is holding on to Summer for one last moment. The complimentary accessories add a sense of sophistication and fun with the pop of read that adds a stylish statement on the whole look. 

If you are a creative professionals like me this outfit is perfect for starting your work week. I would add a blazer to make Monday appropriate. This outfit is also good for casual Friday's for a more professional work environment. 

I really like this look for a night on the town or date night. It's gives off the feminine edgy vibe with the floral a line skirt and the black Moto jacket. Keep it professional with the sweater and a simple black pump and for the evening look add the Moto jacket and higher sandal heel and your ready to go. 2 looks in one outfit shows its versatility and can easily be changed from day to night by just substituting the jacket and shoes. 

How do you get inspired for the fall season? 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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How to Create a Relaxing Space in Your Home.

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday!
Here's a weekend project for you. If have been following the theme this month it's all about embracing the leisure and relaxation you need in your life. So far we've talked about the 6 ways you can relax this summer. How to create your own relaxation routine and today we're learning how to create a relaxing space in your home.  Creating a comfortable area is important and helps you be relaxed and focused and keep balance with all the things you have going on in your life. So, are you ready? 

First thing is you decide what the space or area on your home will be used for. Whether it's for your quiet time with bible study, mediation and prayer. Or is it a place from journaling and brainstorming. Or is it a place where you escape your reality through reading books and grow your imagination. Or it can be a place where you do all three! It all depends on you. 

Next, you can definitely create a Pinterest board with all the decor ideas and design you like! Designing your dream relaxation nook/corner virtually can be a great way to envision the space that fits your creative imagination and personality. 

Create a budget and list of items you need for the space! To stick to your budget you can also look throughout your home for these items before buying.  Here's a general items list that you will need.

Next, you will need to go out and shop I suggest bringing a friend that has similar style sensibilities and can help make sure you don't overspend. Target, Homegoods, Ikea, Antique, flea markets and thrift stores are all great options when finding what you need for your space.

For the desired space 
You'll need...
A window with natural light
A comfy couch
decorative pillows
Scented candles
A beautiful painting
A blanket
A side table
A table lamp
A small area rug

For your  relaxation routine 
You'll need
A journal
A pen or pencil
An IPad (if you prefer electronic notepad)
A book
A Bible
or whatever else you need

After shopping its all about setting up your space and making it beautiful. This might take an afternoon or a day it all depends on how detailed you want to be.

Finally Enjoy the beautiful space you have created! I hope it makes you feel like royalty and helps you effectively stay relaxed, stress free and focused on whats really important.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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The Grey Dress

Hey Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
I have worn this dress many a times off in my  real everyday life. You see my friend and I happened to be window shopping (air quotes) and then when we saw this dress looking and browsing flew right out of that window! This is how the story always begins you walk into the store you look around not touching anything cause you know once that happens all else takes a rapid turn to the fitting room, the "I love this dress" dance and pose  in the mirror and striaght in line to the cashier. So my friend and I saw this dress we both tried it on, loved it and purchased it with no buyers remorse because the impulse buy was rewarded with a sale discount of buy one get the second 40% off. So the moral of the story is that when impulse buying make sure you can justify it to your bank account if it somehow shows any concern. 

Anyway I really really like this Grey Dress, and the best part is that it is so versatile that you can change the feel of the dress with your favorite accessories! Just by styling this dress with a specific purse, jewelry and shoes can take you from the office (What To Wear to Work When its Wednesday) to a dinner date or girls night out on the town. 

 I know I can make this grey dress into a series where I show you how to style this dress three different ways for fall! Check that out this September! For now please enjoy lovely photos below.

photos c/o Myriad Musings 

Outfit: Express Grey Dress | South African Necklace | African Bracelets | Black Heels |

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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The Relaxation Routine

  Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
Lets Talk for a quick second! Since August is all about leisure and relaxation I wanted to share with you ways you can create your very own relax routine that you can add into your daily life schedule. Everything must be practiced and implemented in order to experience its benefits. So here are my tips and tricks to incorporating the best routine that your body, mind and spirit will appreciate every single day! Know  that you will get rewarded  with new  ideas, bursts of energy and new hope and motivation to go out and conquer your day! 

Be Quiet
The first thing is to decide when is the best time to practice your relaxation routine. Let's take a few moments in the early morning when we first wake up to just be quiet and mentally prepare for the day ahead. This is my quiet time where I read my bible and reflect on Gods word, meditate the verses and spend time in prayer. Being quiet is shutting down all distractions, notifications and sitting in your relaxation space in your home. Journaling whether first thing in the morning or last thing at night can help quiet the mind of stress and helps you maintain balance and release the tension of anticipation. 
Sleep Well
Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is vital to reducing the stress and allowing the body to rest, recover, relax and rejuvenate with a whole lot more energy for your work day ahead.  Getting into good sleep habits and routine can help stay relaxed all day.  First thing you have to do is plan it into your day and stick to it by setting on your calendar reminder. I think starting this will  boost you in the right direction. 
Meditate on the positive 
Beginning your day with positive thoughts and words can really push you to your best at your job and life! Start with memorizing a piece of text or positive affirmations.  
Exercise and release 
 Exercise is a great way to release  the stress and tension that your job and life can bring. Creating an exercise that incorporates stretching, breathing techniques into your workout can most importantly help you to maintain a relaxed focused self throughout your day. 

Take these tips to create your personalized relaxation routine.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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The Chambray Shirt Dress

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
How was your weekend? It has been a very busy couple of weeks. This past weeked I got to spend quality time with my niece and nephew and it was so special we bonded, played and had a wonderful fun time together. I'm starting off the week with this casual look. I have been on a very specific "you know when you see it" shopping  mission  to find a the perfect chambray shirt dress and then  I found this dress at Marshalls. But this is not the first time I saw it. After a blog photoshoot in the city when I wore this Gap chambray dress, Saumya my blogger friend and photographer to all the photos below excitedly showed me this dress, it was perfect, but I didnt try it on because I was trying to exercise restraint all in the name of my bank account and I placed it back as I drooled over its possibilities in my wardrobe. I left the store that day empty handed. Sad Face! LOL!

After a few days of dreaming of this Chambray dress I went back one night after a full day's work just as they were about to close you know how it is.Tried it on and it  fit and felt just right. Please raise your hands i you are tall! Ladies it is  long enough in the back and front! Woohoo! I just love the simplicity and the light blue of the denim. It gives me this mature stylish vibe that can be worn countless ways. I cant wait to style it for fall. Yes it can be worn in Spring, Summer and fall. This dress and I are going to be buddies for a long long time. I cant wait to go on trips, weekend adventures and style it many different ways. Ohh the fun we will have.

photos c/o Myriad Musings 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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3 Life Lessons from being 30!

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
It's amazing what you have learned through a casual conversation with a friend. So I after I closed the store I walked over to noodles and company for my favorite penne rosa dish, I bumped into a good friend I hadn't seen in a while and we caught up over pasta and life lessons that I've learned so far. This year I've been really reflective writing my thoughts( milestone) and past lessons (twenty things I've learned)  accepting where you are in life and moving forward is one of the most simplest and hardest things to do! Here are three life lessons I have learned from being thirty.

You are unapologetically yourself.
At 30 you know who you are, you know your strengths and weaknesses, you know who your true friends are, you are just beginning to understand what life means to you and how you want it to turn out. You are confident and stand your ground, you dont waver with the wind, you decide on what to do and who you want to be.

When you decide you commit
The thirties are the decade where you dont have as many chances to explore your options because you dont want to be perceived as immature and indecisive or not serious about your life. Turning thirty is a milestone because you have all this life experience  behind you now you have to use it to propell you forward into your dreams and passions. You get the privilege to position yourself for greatness but the first thing you have to do is focus, commit and stay consistent because success in life and career is to work hard, be patient and to live passionately because life is a marathon not a sprint.
 photos c/o Independance Day

There is still plenty of life to live
The good thing about being thirty is that there is still so much life to live, after the "oh my goodness, I'm thirty" phase fades away. You realize there is still a whole lot of living left to be done. Do you see the list of things you wanted to do in your twenties but never got to do, well you can still do them. you just have to plan and execute. You get a whole new burst of energy that is meaningful and spend your time intentionally. its when life gets serious in a good way. Life is all about the choices we make and the fun we have while living it.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Hidden Talents

Hello Friends, Happy Thursday!
Have you noticed my blog consistency this month has been #onfleek lately? Just call me the new and improved new content consistency princess!   I've been on this super blog mission since Monday, August 3, 2015 to put out new content 5 times a week. And so far, I'm slaying it like no other. I feel like David right as he pulled back that slingshot and conquered Goliath. It all started when I decided to make a commitment and #MarrytheDream and was inspired by this African  Proverb,"You learn to cut down trees." This decision has given me a new energy, a new perspective a new passion to focus on making my dreams come true. So today, I'm throwing back to my favorite #OOTD profile photos and sharing six of my hidden talents you never knew. I really like this is the new and improved Styled By Kesha blog. Its giving me life, joy and happiness that I want to feed more into your lives so much more with even more dynamic stylish content that will add to each of you my readers and supporters. 

See Full Outfit details here: Inspired 
1. I love to SING! 
It has always been one of my passions to be a singer. I discovered this talent after a was part of a choir when I was a teen. Now I don't sound like Beyoncé but with a few voice lessons and more practice I can definitely sound like Corinne Bailey Rae! Lol!  
See Full Outfit details here: Off Shoulder 
2. I have a great sense of DIRECTION!  
I have always remember every place I have driven to! It's like I memorize it visually and then I don't forget where things are. It has helped me become street smart and always know my way around a new city or even my own. 

See Full Outfit details here: Embrace 

3. I am a great COOK and fabulous HOST 

Over the last few years I have been a mission to be a better cook and host and I discovered that I really like hosting dinner parties and decorating tablescapes. Having a theme for each party allowed me to be thoughtful and creative in a new space. 

See Full Outfit details here: Shades of Lavendar 

4. I really love taking care of KIDS
I have a special place in my heart for kids. It's where my true calling is! It's my purpose and what makes me joyful!! After teaching in the Sunday School for so many years! I feel I understand children and they understand me. Children are always honest, see the world in simple beautiful ways and are always present in every moment. Their  presence calms me and gives me meaning and purpose in this world. 

See Full Outfit details here: Grateful

5. I have a sense of HUMOR
I love to laugh and make people smile! Others say that my unexpected humor is random and unplanned. It's just part of my personality and what makes me special. 

See Full Outfit details here: Spring Forest 

6. I love  ballroom DANCING! 
I started taking ballroom dancing lessons to prepare for my brothers wedding and loved it! It's something I want to incorporate into my hobbies and fun activities in my life! My favorite dances are the waltz, salsa and swing! All upbeat dances that are so much fun to groove to. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Bright Orange Dress + African Arm Candy

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday!  
If you haven't realized this summer I love love bright colors and this bright orange dress from the Red Hue Collection is perfect compliment to my brown sun-kissed skin. Your eyes are not deceiving I have worn this dress before, it was many moons ago way back in April when I was talking about the twenty things I learned in my Twenties. This time I styled it with my new African Bracelets and favorite Summer time booties! I also invest in pieces I can style in multiple ways for my hearts pleasure and actually the cost per wear equal to endless style equations.

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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