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I love the summer! There are always so many activities going in and out of the city from spending the day at the pool to having a picnic, a road trip to the beach, hanging with friends at a BBQ or just chilling and relaxing on a hammock. All these things require essentials that you will need every summer. If you were going on a girls night on the town you could wear this Printed Chic Outfit or wear this laid-back outfit Bohemian  to the beach whatever you do make sure you're taking every opportunity to enjoy this season to the fullest. Below is my list of 7 Essentials You Need Every Summer!

Summer Essentials

The Maxi Dress
Its a summer staple I can't live without in the summer. Its perfect for any occasion. From a barbecue to a summer wedding, its versatile enough to be dressed up or down. I really like the yellow one above. Bright colors or print pattern maxi dresses are great to compliment your sun kissed summer tan. Here are my favorite maxi dresses I have styled on the blog.
Denim Shorts
They are an essential for any summer road trip to the beach, any summer activity and super comfortable for any look.
Mirrored Sunglasses are so on trend right now. I love the way they frame the face for a sophisticated look with any outfit.
This is an obvious essential. You need at the pool and at the beach or even the water park. Make sure its what you like and its comfortable for you in any water situation.
Flat Stylish Sandals
You must buy cute flats that can go with most outfits! Invest in some really nice ones and watch your sandals transform your outfits every time.
Summer Reading
For those lazy summer beach, pool or sunday afternoons all you need is a good summer book to take you into a fictional world of make believe and drama. Here are my Summer Reads from my favorite African authors 4 African Stories you must Read.

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