Life is an Adventure

Hello Friends, Welcome July! 
Life is indeed an adventure! Building a life that is full of different seasons, both ups and downs, learning life lessons, filled with calculated risks, stepping out on faith, actually working toward your dreams and making them a reality. Thats what adulthood is all about. Read this: You know you're adult when. Adventure is defined as the usual and exciting experience and exploration of an unknown  territory a bold risk undertaking with uncertain outcome. Life is all about risk without it there is no reward. Thats exactly how I want to spend these next 31 days in July. I want to live boldly, taking chances, trying new things, meeting new people and challenging myself to a whole new level of living fully. Last month was filled with family and being Wanderlust. I want to continue with the same theme and see what opportunities come knocking.

 Everyday is an adventure and as Oprah said, "the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." Its about trusting God and following the directions he gives to live life passionately and with purpose the way he designed it to be.  I really like these two quotes it talks about courage, the unknown and inspiration which all needed to start that adventure that lingers in your heart and motivates to see that path and to travel it no matter what happens along the way. After all its not about the destination but the journey and each adventure always starts with a single step.

This month I really want to focus on producing better content more consistently. July is also my blogiversary, I will be celebrating 4 years blogging, and wow what an adventure it has been. It has really opened me up what is possible when you pursue your dreams. I also  want to share my Summer Essentials, how to shop in your thirties,  30 day green smoothie challenge, more summer outfits, a summer look book,  style two ways, a travel diary from Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, and Johannesburg and how to be a great bridesmaid and What to Wear When you're on a Road Trip! I hope this adventure will be a fun experience that I will remember for a lifetime.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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