Its the Weekend! JULY Wrap up!

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Hello Friends, Happy Weekend!
Life is definitely an adventure and July was filled with them from the simple moments to the fireworks!I have learned that making a short monthly goals list each month really helps me get things done.

I also really like this article that asks the question Do Our Bodies Matter to our Spiritual lives?

For Summer time I love maxi dresses! Especially this one lets just call it another cool summer maxi dress . I celebrated my congolese heritage with this beautiful outfit of the day with Independance Day  and decided to go more casual for the July 4th holiday in Happy Fourth! 

I wanted to celebrate my favorite Summer throwback to remember my favorite Summer Trench that I lost last summer see how I celebrate the good times we shared with Stylish ways to wear a Summer Trench and three ways to wear a Blazer jacket.

See how I styled this ruffle dress two different ways in  Green Yellow Ruffles Wrap Dress and Wine Country  . Here are two ways to wear an Army green tank which was my new favorite tank this month! Check them out here: Army Green Tank + Denim Shorts  + African Printed Pants 

I also shared my favorite essentials you need every summer.

I really like this post: The Daily system that makes me get things done!  There are all sorts of tips and advice and secrets to accomplishing goals but i really like this blog post: my secret of getting things done and accomplishing goals  and other tips to organizing your day. I like what this blogger said about creating what works for your lifestyle. Here are tips on how to make the most out your day

I really like reading different blog advice on certain topics involving blog improvement. Reading each post helps me determine how to tackle each problem in my blog with different perspectives. See What every about page absolutely needs and how to create a killer about page

I really like this post The Content strategy that doubled my traffic in thirty days and the these Daily, Weekly, Monthly checklists will definitely change the way I think and conduct my blog content. I learned in Mattieologie's podcast about changing cutesy blog post titles to SEO searchable titles helps people easily find your content with descriptive titles especially outfit posts.

I have always wondered how I can update previous blog posts and in this post it shows you How to utilize your blog's archives to grow your website.

This blog post helped me so much! Its a must read: How to create share worthy blog posts? It was amazing it helped me streamline my blog ideas into practical steps to create successful share worthy posts.My new creative coach on all things making your blog better! Here is her blog library:

I also wonder what a Summer work wardrobe looks like for office professionals. I really like how style blogger of 9 to 5 chic shows this How to Dress for work in the Summer

I have wanting to take a bath lately! here are 7 Bath Essentials for a DIY Spa . We also have to keep hydrated to stay healthy. Here is how to Drink more water 

Want more? See my Favorites:February, March, April, May & June 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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