#CAPFABBACADEMY: 4 ways to Mastering Your Social Media Brand

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
This week,  I attended the #CAPFABBACADEMY Mastering your Social Media brand and I learned a lot. They were tips very helpful was a night of reminders and reinforcements of what I needed to do with growing my brand and social media presence. Its all about being authentic and the followers will come. Here are the few takeaways from the #CAPFABBpanelists. 

Each Social Media Platform has a Specific Voice

When creating new content for each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or SnapChat). It is important to know and understand what each platform does and what it represents. According to Lacey from a  Lacey perspective blog, she  describes each platform as twitter is a networking party where you are engaging to expand your reach with your audience and connect with like minded people. Facebook is like a house party where you know everyone and it much more personal. Instagram is behind the scenes and personal as well. Knowing the difference between each platform and what their strengths will help you reach your readers and audience in the appropriate way. The book JAB, JAB, JAB Right HOOK by Gary Vaynerchuk also a very helpful resource to help grow your social media brand. 

Know Your Analytics/Audience 

Know your audience, understand your reader, know how to reach them. When you know this information you can cater to their needs and really see what they want from your blog/brand. Its also important to know what works for your brand and what does not. 

Perfection Is Boring /Use what You Have 

If you have a dream, or a goal that you want to accomplish. Just Start! Just Do it! You will never have everything you need to get started. You will definitely learn along the way. You will learn techniques and things while you are accomplishing the goal. People like authenticity and seeing you through the process will inspire them and motivate them as well. Its about creating a community who love your content and find it useful in their own lives. Perfection is boring, its predictable but the unexpected is what life is all about. Thats why snapchat is gaining momentum people want to connect to what is real and authentic. 

Engagement with the Community is Vital 

Engagement is critical to growing your social brand. Everything from commenting on other blogs, responding to questions and answering questions from your readers. Its so important to engage and connect with the people that read your blog. 

Overall, its important to know who you are, what your brand is all about and how to best represent yourself in a social media world today. 

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