#CAPFABBACADEMY: 4 ways to Mastering Your Social Media Brand

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
This week,  I attended the #CAPFABBACADEMY Mastering your Social Media brand and I learned a lot. They were tips very helpful was a night of reminders and reinforcements of what I needed to do with growing my brand and social media presence. Its all about being authentic and the followers will come. Here are the few takeaways from the #CAPFABBpanelists. 

Each Social Media Platform has a Specific Voice

When creating new content for each social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or SnapChat). It is important to know and understand what each platform does and what it represents. According to Lacey from a  Lacey perspective blog, she  describes each platform as twitter is a networking party where you are engaging to expand your reach with your audience and connect with like minded people. Facebook is like a house party where you know everyone and it much more personal. Instagram is behind the scenes and personal as well. Knowing the difference between each platform and what their strengths will help you reach your readers and audience in the appropriate way. The book JAB, JAB, JAB Right HOOK by Gary Vaynerchuk also a very helpful resource to help grow your social media brand. 

Know Your Analytics/Audience 

Know your audience, understand your reader, know how to reach them. When you know this information you can cater to their needs and really see what they want from your blog/brand. Its also important to know what works for your brand and what does not. 

Perfection Is Boring /Use what You Have 

If you have a dream, or a goal that you want to accomplish. Just Start! Just Do it! You will never have everything you need to get started. You will definitely learn along the way. You will learn techniques and things while you are accomplishing the goal. People like authenticity and seeing you through the process will inspire them and motivate them as well. Its about creating a community who love your content and find it useful in their own lives. Perfection is boring, its predictable but the unexpected is what life is all about. Thats why snapchat is gaining momentum people want to connect to what is real and authentic. 

Engagement with the Community is Vital 

Engagement is critical to growing your social brand. Everything from commenting on other blogs, responding to questions and answering questions from your readers. Its so important to engage and connect with the people that read your blog. 

Overall, its important to know who you are, what your brand is all about and how to best represent yourself in a social media world today. 

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Its the Weekend! JULY Wrap up!

Photo c/o vintagepiken

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend!
Life is definitely an adventure and July was filled with them from the simple moments to the fireworks!I have learned that making a short monthly goals list each month really helps me get things done.

I also really like this article that asks the question Do Our Bodies Matter to our Spiritual lives?

For Summer time I love maxi dresses! Especially this one lets just call it another cool summer maxi dress . I celebrated my congolese heritage with this beautiful outfit of the day with Independance Day  and decided to go more casual for the July 4th holiday in Happy Fourth! 

I wanted to celebrate my favorite Summer throwback to remember my favorite Summer Trench that I lost last summer see how I celebrate the good times we shared with Stylish ways to wear a Summer Trench and three ways to wear a Blazer jacket.

See how I styled this ruffle dress two different ways in  Green Yellow Ruffles Wrap Dress and Wine Country  . Here are two ways to wear an Army green tank which was my new favorite tank this month! Check them out here: Army Green Tank + Denim Shorts  + African Printed Pants 

I also shared my favorite essentials you need every summer.

I really like this post: The Daily system that makes me get things done!  There are all sorts of tips and advice and secrets to accomplishing goals but i really like this blog post: my secret of getting things done and accomplishing goals  and other tips to organizing your day. I like what this blogger said about creating what works for your lifestyle. Here are tips on how to make the most out your day

I really like reading different blog advice on certain topics involving blog improvement. Reading each post helps me determine how to tackle each problem in my blog with different perspectives. See What every about page absolutely needs and how to create a killer about page

I really like this post The Content strategy that doubled my traffic in thirty days and the these Daily, Weekly, Monthly checklists will definitely change the way I think and conduct my blog content. I learned in Mattieologie's podcast about changing cutesy blog post titles to SEO searchable titles helps people easily find your content with descriptive titles especially outfit posts.

I have always wondered how I can update previous blog posts and in this post it shows you How to utilize your blog's archives to grow your website.

This blog post helped me so much! Its a must read: How to create share worthy blog posts? It was amazing it helped me streamline my blog ideas into practical steps to create successful share worthy posts.My new creative coach on all things making your blog better! Here is her blog library: http://byregina.com/library/

I also wonder what a Summer work wardrobe looks like for office professionals. I really like how style blogger of 9 to 5 chic shows this How to Dress for work in the Summer

I have wanting to take a bath lately! here are 7 Bath Essentials for a DIY Spa . We also have to keep hydrated to stay healthy. Here is how to Drink more water 

Want more? See my Favorites:February, March, April, May & June 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Army Green Tank + African Print Pants

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
I have loved wearing this Army Green Tank this week. Its made of a very lightweight fabric and perfect for any summer day. This time I styled with these Duro Olowu JCP collection african print pants I wore when I was jetlagged and with my favorite Trench Coat. Its so versatile and dresses up for a casual night out on a rooftop deck just enjoying the summer sunshine. Its also perfect for brunch and Sunday lunch. Whatever you do I know it will be a conversation starter and its light fabric will keep you comfortable the whole day! 

 Photo c/o Myriad Musings 

Outfit Details: Duro Oluwu Print Pants | Nordstrom Army Green Tank |  Fashion Spectacles | Urban Expressions Clutch | African Bracelets | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Life Style Summer Essentials

Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday! 
I love the summer! There are always so many activities going in and out of the city from spending the day at the pool to having a picnic, a road trip to the beach, hanging with friends at a BBQ or just chilling and relaxing on a hammock. All these things require essentials that you will need every summer. If you were going on a girls night on the town you could wear this Printed Chic Outfit or wear this laid-back outfit Bohemian  to the beach whatever you do make sure you're taking every opportunity to enjoy this season to the fullest. Below is my list of 7 Essentials You Need Every Summer!

Summer Essentials

The Maxi Dress
Its a summer staple I can't live without in the summer. Its perfect for any occasion. From a barbecue to a summer wedding, its versatile enough to be dressed up or down. I really like the yellow one above. Bright colors or print pattern maxi dresses are great to compliment your sun kissed summer tan. Here are my favorite maxi dresses I have styled on the blog.
Denim Shorts
They are an essential for any summer road trip to the beach, any summer activity and super comfortable for any look.
Mirrored Sunglasses are so on trend right now. I love the way they frame the face for a sophisticated look with any outfit.
This is an obvious essential. You need at the pool and at the beach or even the water park. Make sure its what you like and its comfortable for you in any water situation.
Flat Stylish Sandals
You must buy cute flats that can go with most outfits! Invest in some really nice ones and watch your sandals transform your outfits every time.
Summer Reading
For those lazy summer beach, pool or sunday afternoons all you need is a good summer book to take you into a fictional world of make believe and drama. Here are my Summer Reads from my favorite African authors 4 African Stories you must Read.

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Army Green Tank + Denim Shorts

Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
Its finally feeling like its July. Its both hot and humid and when its 100 degrees outside this is what you wear. You find the lightest fabric  T shirt or tank in your favorite color and a pair of your favorite  denim shorts. You style it with really high wedges,  a cross body bag or clutch, a pair of mirrored sunglasses and  you're ready for a very hot humid summer day.

Photos c/o Myriad Musings 

Outfit Details: Nordstrom Army Green Tank  | Mavi Denim Shorts | Nine West  Leopard Print Wedges | Mirror Sunglasses | Target + Tom Shoes Collection Bag | African Bracelets + Ring | 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Ways To Wear A Summer Trench

Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday!
 I'm starting the week early with a summer throwback. I have worn this summer trench so many times. I guess when you really like wearing a trench like this you find many different ways to wear it and make it work either dressed down or up.  My wardrobe is filled with pieces I love to wear over and over again. I really like investment pieces. This summer trench was one of them before I lost it one night and realized i would never see it again. So today, I will choose to celebrate the time  I had with this trench and remember the beautiful outfits I paired and styled with it. Way back in 2012, when I called this summer trench a blazer jacket I also styled it three more ways, so this one is the updated one.
See the original post here |  Creative Spontaneoity 

 See the original post here | Floral Casual

 See the original post here | Indian Summer

Sidenote: See even more ways I styled this Trench in Summers Past:  Blazer Three Ways 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Geometric Print Crop Top + Denim Skirt

Hello Friends, Happy Monday!
Its a start of a brand new week! Its the perfect time to be  motivated and start out productive and happy. Last week was a great time with my family and  I also got to be a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding! The ceremony and reception were heartfelt and beautiful, it was the perfect day and a lot of fun.  Life is fun when you're just living it and I enjoyed every minute of it. For this outfit, I hopped on  to the Crop Top trend and decided to style it with this denim skirt and floral heels to complete the look. I think this outfit is perfect for brunch, or a casual evening dinner on a rooftop in a metropolitan city. I also styled this crop top with its matching skirt for my milestone birthday. Stay tuned to see how I style the skirt in a future post. Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

 Photos c/o Myriad Musings 
Outfit details: Macy's  Crop Top + Skirt  (Similar Top)  | Zara Denim Skirt | JustFab Floral Sandals | Kate Spade CrossBody | Kate Spade Charm Bracelet | H&M Bracelets | H&M Mirror Sunglasses | African Print Rings + Earrings | 

See how I styled this crop top with its matching skirt here: Milestone

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Green Yellow Ruffles Wrap Dress

Hello Friends, Happy Monday!
You know when you're looking through your closet and find a dress you haven't worn in 2 years! Well thats what happened with this dress! It was hiding all the way in the back. The last time I wore this yellow green wrap dress was at wine country with a huge hat and nude heels. This time I wanted to add more African accessories like my favorite African arm candy and my new favorite little cross body. It definitely gives this dress a different look and feel. I really do believe that accessories change the style and look of a dress. 

Photos c/o Myriad Musings 

What do you think? What are your favorite accessories for a wrap dress?

Outfit Details: Wrap Dress | H&M Mirror Sunglasses | H&M Gold Earrings | F21 Faux Leather Peep Toe Booties | African Print Handbag | African Bracelets | 

Sidenote: See how I wore this dress to Wine Country 
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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