The Last Time!

 Hello Friends, Happy Thursday! 
For Throwback Thursday,  Here are some past photos I had from my last trip to Kinshasa while I' m away this week to spend time with family! And since I have reintroduced my travel series I wanted to share the last time I was in Kinshasa, Democratic of the Congo! I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the very first Kinshasa fashion Week in July 2013. It was so great, inspiring and made me see that the fashion industry is not only growing but celebrating cultural influences on how and why we wear what we wear and the meaning behind style. I loved seeing the different Congolese fashion designers and other African fashion designers featured. I wore this custom designed dress to an African Wedding and that post has be been so popular ever since. I also got to be a tourist and explored the city with my younger cousins and sightsee the main attractions in this bustling African metropolitan city! Seeing the statues of past leaders, experiencing the art in the sculpture garden helped me to see even more beauty and appreciation that I get to experience this with my family and experience the culture all at the same time.

Outfit Details: Madewell Stripe Blazer | Zara White Tee | Madewell Ankle Skinny Jeans | Madewell Purple Flats 

Sidenote: Read about my first  Kinshasa Fashion Week and What it means to be Wanderlust

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