Independence Day.

Hello Friends! Happy Tuesday! 
Today is the celebration of 55 years of Independance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo! And with this outfit I will dance, twirl and celebrate my African heritage like no other.

 Photos c/o Myriad Musings 

Sidenote: This outfit can definitely also be worn to showcase my African Roots 
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One Shoulder

*Photos c/o Myriad Musings 

When its Summer you must wear a one shoulder floral dress... its a style requirement! 

Details: MANGO One Shoulder Floral Dress | H&M Golden Chandilier Earrings | DV Dolce Vita Sandals | JustFAB Orange Heels | African Bracelets | Vlisco Clutch | 

Sidenote: Your summer also requires an off shoulder look for any occasion

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Its the Weekend! June Wrap Up!

Hello friends, Happy Weekend! 
Wow, What a month its been. I can't believe thirty days have gone by so fast. June has been an eventful one from flying 22 hours, being jet lagged, spending quality time with family and flying back and being jet lagged again. Its like this month was a refresh, a reboot a pre-launch to the next few months of my life.

June's theme: For those who wonder... and with a theme I like to write monthly short term goals that I can achieve. Check out my goals for June here: Monthly Goals: June 2015 

My Summer style is all about  bright colors, maxi dresses and everything summer. I love the way I remixed this skirt and this Sunset Orange top I paired with distressed jeans. This is also by far my new favorite maxi dresses. I know I will be wearing many different ways.  I even like  the way I can dress up or down this floral one shoulder dress. Cant wait to style many more Summer looks.

I also got to collaborated with the photographer Nina Liane Richards on a fashion blog post called Swan Lake. It was a very hot afternoon but she captured some very beautiful moments. Check out her blog and website its a must see!

With all the traveling I have done in the last few months I really like this throwback outfit I wore right after I came back from Kinshasa Fashion Week, Cheers to feeling Jetlagged!  I love looking back at old memories of the last time I traveled the Democratic of the Congo and I cant wait to share more travel pics from my most recent trip.

When you need travel tips for your next Summer vacation: Check out the Travel Tips for really long flights

With  the Summer Season finally here and this month's theme of Wanderlust, its so important to know when to take time off from work and relax giving your mind and body a break! I really like this article from the Well Blog: Time off & Time to Think Plan 

With Summer in full swing, I recommend the The Granta Book of the African short story  as an introduction to African authors and novelists  all around the world.

I stumbled upon this Refinery 29 article I really like how one action can really change your life.

The fashion confession blog has this great post on blogging tips and advice. Its a great reminder to always keep hustling and connect with your audience. I also like this blog post How to take yourself seriously when you haven't made it yet by Mattieologie  It really explains in detail what it really takes to go after something and be successful.

If you are like me, do you need tips on creating a great about page for your blog? Read this post What every about page absolutely needs for all the tips you could possibly need!

Thinking of Online Dating? I really like how Amanda from advice from a twenty something answered her readers question about online dating 

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Swan Lake

When opportunity knocks.... you take it! Thats what happened when I had the wonderful chance to work with photographer Nina Liane Richards. One a very hot afternoon she captured these beautiful pictures and it definitely reminds me of a fairy tale and this summer maxi dress is the fashion star!

Check out more of Nina Richards Photography blog and website here.

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Sunset Orange!

Hello Friends,  Happy Monday! 
I'm back Stateside after an amazingly refreshing vacation and time off. While, I rest and get over jet lag I wanted to share the last thing I wore for the blog, this outfit reminds me of a beautiful sunset in t Summer.  However on this day the photos were taken inside because of course it had to rain cats and dogs! LOL! I hope you enjoy! Cant wait to share some of my favorite moments and memories of my trip back to the Congo and South Africa in the very near future.

 Sidenote: Here is another way I styled this African top: Stepping Up my Style 

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The Granta Book of the African Short Story

 Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday! 
After a lively discussion and hangout at the first Afro-Lit Book Club Social of New Year 2015. We selected the book  The Granta Book of the African Short Story to begin our second year of an African Literature journey through reading. I just love how we all get to dive into the complex worlds from an African perspective and experience. We thought that a group of short stories would be a great way to start off the year and introduce us to new African authors throughout the continent. 

There are many reasons I love African stories, first I love learning about different African cultures, traditions and customs. I am also appreciating reading experiences and personal accounts from their voices and their words. Its rewrites the history of the African story  in an entirely new and exciting way with characters that are strong, mighty and courageous! My favorite story so far has been CHIMANADA NGOZI ADICHIE'S short story "the Arrangers of Marriage" about a young Nigerian woman who marries a Nigerian man who lives in Brooklyn, New York and everything is not as it seems! You will have to read the book to find out what happens , You can find more of her short stories in the book called, "The Thing Around My Neck." There are many more stories and experiences that are unique to Africans living on the continent and throughout the diaspora.
I'll write more about my favorite stories in a future post, but for now if you want to follow along, get the book and maybe we can have a virtual book club too!
Below is a brief synopsis of what the collection of short stories is all about.
Presenting a diverse and dazzling collection from all over the continent, from Morocco to Zimbabwe, Uganda to Kenya. Helon Habila focuses on younger, newer writers - contrasted with some of their older, more established peers - to give a fascinating picture of a new and more liberated Africa.
These writers are characterized by their engagement with the wider world and the opportunities offered by the end of apartheid, the end of civil wars and dictatorships, and the possibilities of free movement. Their work is inspired by travel and exile. They are liberated, global and expansive. As Dambudzo Marechera wrote: 'If you're a writer for a specific nation or specific race, then f*** you." These are the stories of a new Africa, punchy, self-confident and defiant.
Includes stories by: Fatou Diome; Aminatta Forna; Manuel Rui; Patrice Nganang; Leila Aboulela; Zoë Wicomb; Alaa Al Aswany; Doreen Baingana; E.C. Osondu.

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Hello Friends, Happy Saturday! 
I can't believe that we are officially half way through the year and its the beginning of Summer! I can't wait for all the summer festivities to begin! Last month I participated in this Monthly Goals Link Up and was instantly inspired to make this a goal to write down my realistic short term goals and be held accountable to the other bloggers in the linkup. May was a really busy month for me and I honestly didn't achieve all the goals on my list but I did follow through with increasing my comments on other blogs I love and taking more time to write my best blog content about style and lifestyle. I also started working out more consistent which is at least three times a week. I have a workout buddy where we take Zumba classes every week and started the Kayla Itsines 12 week bikini ready workout we started about two weeks ago. Having a workout buddy has really supported me in accomplishing my exercise goals and helped me start my day off right. I also stumbled upon this organizational article that will definitely help me this month. There is always room for improvement, however I am proud of what I accomplished and learning the best methods to get things done is a process and i definitely have to keep that in mind when moving forward. For June its a very short list but at the same time so necessary!

Spend Quality Time with Family
As you read this, I am in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, spending time with my extended family and quality time with my parents, siblings and cousins. Its a time to be renewed, refreshed, re-inspired and get all the support, motivation and energy I need to move forward with my life and career goals and get things done.
Eat healthier by starting my day with Green Juice and Smoothies
When I started seriously exercising, I didn't focus on my eating habits and didn't realize how they affected my workouts so much. Starting my day with an easy 5 ingredient green smoothie every morning will definitely help me change my eating habits for the better.
Focus on Building my Youtube Style Channel 
When I started my youtube channel, I wanted it to compliment my blog while reaching a different community and audience.  In June, I plan  to publish at least 3-4 style videos every friday of the month.
Write down practical, realistic  life and business goals for the rest of 2015 
I sometimes lose track of my yearly resolutions because I don't write down specific achievable goals I have for my life and career. This month I want to change that and write down weekly and daily goals that move me one step closer to my goals.

What are your goals this month? Lets encourage each other to spend these next thirty days wisely, productively and most importantly to live each day to the fullest.

Sidenote: Check out the previous: Monthly GOALS: MAY 2015 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
This is the skirt I love for the Summer. Its got this great blend of casual, stylish and work appropriate all mixed into this outfit. I had this skirt made for me spontaneously and this outfit came together spontaneously like a vision. This how most of my favorite outfits come together. Its either I see the image of the outfit through each clothing item in my closet or its a combination of trial and error. I see my personal style as an instinct. Its one part inherited from my father, another style instinct, and other part natural creativity these three parts come together and form what we call Styled by Kesha or my style personality blending the casual, glamorous, cultural and wearable fashion into one fabulous outfit. If you have been an avid reader of this blog, you have seen this skirt before. Its like deja vu! I wore this Ankara Skirt to a CapFABB academy event in Washington DC. I just love when I can remix an fashion piece in an entirely different way, and that is why I love styling so much!

 Outfit: Madewell Blouse | Ankara Skirt | Urban Outfitters Sunglasses | Target Style Clutch | JustFAB heels | Micheal Kors Watch | African Bracelets 

Sidenote: See How I wore this ANKARA Skirt last time and I love these JustFAB orange heels so much I have worn them several times, worn here, here, and here

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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