Hello Friends! Happy Wednesday! 
So last night I was strolling through my Twitter Feed (@StyledbyKesha) and I stumbled upon this Blog Post by theDreaDaily on Monthly Goals. So I immediately grabbed my computer and started writing down every specific goals on my monthly to do list. This helps me break down the big long term goals I have into manageable everyday to do list items that I can get done. I have always been a fan of goal lists. I have had a bucket list for a long time that keeps on growing as my dreams change and life experiences turn into life lessons. This year I really want to see realistic goals of mine get crossed off, so I can move on to thinking of newer goals as well. Here is my list below!

1. Have a May 2015 Blog Editorial Calendar + Get More Consistent + Get Organized in the blog writing process.That means well thought out and researched posts that is the best content that I have published thus far on my blog. Execute Blog ideas (MAY theme: Embrace!)  that come from real life experiences and getting more unique fashion, style and lifestyle posts.

2. Write a Posts on Spring Cleaning Your Closet + How to Shop in Your Thirties + Reintroduce my Travel Series onto the Blog. This has been my goal to write more fashion and lifestyle posts that relate to my life and people in the same phase as myself. Sharing knowledge is power.

3.  Apply for Jobs!! It is time to get started, get resumes, cover letters and references together and to every job that interests me. Enough said. Just apply everywhere.

4.  Leave valuable comments on at least 5 blogs and 5 Youtube channels daily. This will be a huge challenge for me. However its the only way to fully be part of the blogging and Youtube community and it is vital to see growth in my readership and subscribers on each platform.

5. Get into a Healthy Eating Plan + More consistent Exercise routine. I started working out with a trainer in March and I have definitely become more fit and stronger as a result however I struggle with consistency and knowing what I eat each day. Its time to take responsibility and get together some plan and stick with it. I also challenge myself to write about it here on the blog!

Remember this Goal: Blogging Creative Space  (NEEDS TO GET DONE!!)

Thank you Drea for getting this linkup started. I know that when we are accountable to each other we can definitely see each dream/goal fully realized. If you want to read theDreadaily May Goals List and join the Monthly Goals Link Up see here. 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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