Its the Weekend! May Wrap Up!

Hello Friends, Happy Saturday!
Its been another 30 days and where oh where has the time gone. We are finally feeling the Summer weather and I'm excited. April Showers definitely bring Many May Flowers! Nature definitely has a way of making life more beautiful. This month has been about adjusting and adapting this new phase in my life. Its a new way of thinking and being and embracing what the thirties will mean for my life.  I wrote about how I felt turning thirty and now what the first thirty days felt like. May started with the word embrace and it definitely defined the mood for May.

Now that the excited has ended I wanted May  to be about getting things done and writing down things I wanted to do both short term and long term goals. When I stumbled upon this blog post on my twitter feed the Monthly Goals LinkUp I knew I had to participate so here are my May 2015 goals.
The realities of being a good writer and blogger can be challenging at times but it all comes down to passion and the vision one has. But sometimes you just have to vent, I really enjoyed reading this  post about being a black blogger. Each day I  discover new blog posts and real struggles like this one! 

Garance Dore published this post on her blog about Black Hair called "This is Braiding" its a fascinating article from a unique perspective.

Blog Improvement 
I am really enjoying the Blogging 101 series from Advice from a Twenty something blog. It is like a refresher course to make sure I'm doing all the right things.  Read Getting Started and Blogging Platforms  to stay updated on the latest blogging advice. I also like her post on How to edit photos for instagram its really helping me streamline my Instagram account to have a consistent Life +Style Blog.
Here are 16 ways to protect your time and life  and 5 ways to grow your blog following 
Here is a great article to staying organized and actually get things done. Here is How to Make a Better To Do List

I love quotes, especially from stylish women like Iris Apfel, Here are 15 quotes that will change the way you think about Fashion I also like this article from Lucky Magazine about 5 foolproof outfit formulas. It inspires me to challenge my own style but aways staying true to myself.

Birthday Travel 
I have finally posted my Island photos and experiences now featured on the blog. It has been so busy lately, it was so nice to write and reflect on an amazing island adventure it was. Check out both parts in Jamaica, Jamaica and I'm an Island Girl!

Weddings Galore 
Weddings galore, this month I attended two of my friends weddings and a Bridal Shower and they were spectacular! So I wrote and shared a few tips and Wedding Ettiquette of being a fabulous Wedding Guest. Also Check out on my favorite dresses to wear to an African Wedding

Inherited Style 
Going back to the original purpose of my blog and embracing my African heritage through style, fashion has me re-inspired with this outfit called Off the Shoulder  and Americanah. Lately I'm loving the mirror color sunglasses for every outfit I have on. From my circle ones I got in Jamaica to the new aviator greens sunnies worn in my mirror, mirror outfit.

The Future 
I also participated in the BBar Monthly Link Up about the Future of your life, business and career and what you are doing to prepare for it. It was a good thing to write what you're embracing and working on now to secure the future you desire. Read all my personal thoughts and opinions about My FUTURE?! 

Summer Summer Time 
Can you believe that we are officially in the Summer time. Here's a few outfit scenarios for What to Wear this  Memorial Day weekend! 

NEW Inspiration
I have found a new blogger that I really like and her style is so inspiring. I found her on a Style Swap Link up, check out Forage Fashion to see what I her style is all about. Her CheckMates and Blue Jeans Baby  posts are so fabulous!

Want more? Please check out more Monthly Its a Wrap series for April, March, February.

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
The 70s trend has taken over the Spring and Summer and when I saw this dress at H&M I had to try it on and when I did. It just couldn't stay behind. I absolutely loved it!  The more I look at it the more I love it more and more. What I have learned is that style is so personal. What I love the most about fashion is that you make it what you want it to be. My advice is that if you love a trend and it fits with your style then I say buy, because you know and I know you will wear it more than once. Read more of 20 Things I learned in my 20s. The dress reminds me of a Kaleidoscope where the patterns change constantly. It reminds me that like life its constantly changing into different patterns so its so important that you know your personal style.  I paired the dress with my favorite H&M mirror Sunglasses,  a Madewell Blush color belt and my favorite silver clutch and open toe bright blue heels. The perfect outfit for literally any occasion! 

 *Photos c/o Myriad Musings  
 Outfit Details: H&M dress | Madewell Belt | JustFAB Heels | Silver Purse | H&M Mirror Sunglasses |

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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How to be a Fabulous Wedding Guest!

Outfit 1: Red Maggy London Dress | Gold Hoop Earrings | Urban Expressions Purse | Kate Spade Charm Bracelet | Zara Leather Sandal Heels 

Outfit 2: H&M Dress | H&M Gold Earrings | Urban Expressions purse | Zara Leather heels | African Bracelets | Kate Spade Charm Bracelet |  

Hello Friends! Happy Tuesday! 
2015 has definitely is the year for weddings for me! In this month alone, I had the pleasure of attending two of my friends weddings in a row and I have learned a few things along the way that I would like to share with you.  I have been to many weddings in my adult life, and these pointers of wedding etiquette keep me the best wedding guest ever. As an adult you get used to attending these type of events! (Read You Know You're an Adult When).  The two outfits you see above are both for garden style weddings, which are a little more casual and fun atmosphere. 

Sidenote: Check out this outfit post: What you wear to an African Wedding! 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Hello Friends, Happy Monday!

I'm so ready for the Summer. Are you? Happy Memorial Day! When I saw this african inspired crop top from ZARA I knew I had to get it. Its so cute! It the perfect blend of the two cultures I was raised in. I was born here in the United States but my family heritage is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, So I  spent my childhood in South Africa and then spent my teenage years in the Washington DC area. I'm what you call an Americanah! This is a first generation American African. My culture and heritage is very important to me. Its who I am, its my story, its my identity. So wearing African inspired clothing keeps me connected and feeds my soul. This is what this blog represents and means to me. The red, white and blue colors remind me of the American Flag and how both these identities create the unique individual story that makes me special.  I wanted to style this crop top with this black overall dress which I got from the District Closet Sale. Last Summer I also read the novel Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and thats what made me think of the title of this outfit post. Looking for a Summer Reading List I highly suggest these 4 African Stories You Must Read

*photos c/o Myriad Musings 

Sidenote: Here's another way I wore this fabulous handbag with Green Polka Dots

What to Wear This Memorial Day!

Hello Friends, Happy Saturday! 
I hope you are enjoying the first unofficial long summer weekend of the season! Its an exciting time when the sense of adventure begins! Whether you are staying in the city, going to the beach or attending a barbecue! I have the outfit for you. I'm currently enjoying a quiet weekend, maybe I'll go to the National Harbor The Capital Wheel because I've always wanted to go. It will be a great way to kick off my summer!

See full outfit post here | Bohemian Casual or you can wear this | What To Wear... Any Summer Activity 

See full outfit post here |  Easy Breezy Summer Maxi Dress or you can wear this | Wine Country  

See full outfit post here | Stop & Strike a Pose  or you can wear this | BBQ 

Sidenote: This what I wore last Memorial Day Weekend | Welcome Summer & Geometric Dress 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Gone With the Birds!

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! 
I love this African print skirt especially with this bird statement necklace I'm wearing. This outfit just came to me as an image in my mind and when I put the outfit together the Bird Statement matched organically! I bought this unique piece from GenXY Vintage  at a local fashion event and loved it ever since! The necklace is so versatile you can definitely pair also with a simple tee and distressed denim for a casual weekend look (Late Summer Casual). The Skirt is yet another one of my tailor-made skirts that I'm styling many different ways. Each outfit inspires to dig and dive deeper into my heritage and really create new ways to style African prints and motifs in a whole new way. Enjoy!

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! 
I have been following the ShopBBAR, The Well Blog for a while now and wanted to participate in this months May Link-Up and I'm so excited to finally share my thoughts on this month's theme: THE FUTURE. Please Read Below and ENJOY! 


The Future is something I never used to plan for. In the past, I have always been laid-back believing that things will come together naturally and organically. Then I saw this quote that changed my mind, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”-Benjamin Franklin. As I have gotten older I have realized that preparing and planning for the future gives you something to work toward but still having the flexibility to rolling with the pushes when life takes you in a different or unexpected direction. In my opinion the future is all about balance. Making sure you always have an open mind. I also love this quote, " If plan A doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters". In life there are ups and downs, the true test is what you learn and how you get up and keep going. I have learned that it is always important to be open and teachable. Read my monthly goals linkup for May 2015

So now I see my life in categories creating a list of what I need to work on each month, week, day helps me prioritize and keep realistic achievable goals. Its so satisfying crossing things off the list. These are called my 7 B life goals. It helps me focus on the things that are most important in my life and keeps me humble, honest and authentic. The procrastination video by Alex Ikkon also really helped me create a system and monthly, weekly and daily schedule to stay organized. 
Reading a daily devotional will helps me stay consistent and keep drawing closer to God and have an intimate relationship with Him. 
I have always wanted to be a stronger and healthier version of myself and I have wanted to run a marathon. So I'm working toward that with a personal trainer and a workout buddy that keep me accountable and on the path to accomplishing my goal. 
Eating healthy has always been a goal for me to get more energy, heart healthy, and low cholesterol. So I have started small by not eating fast food, drinking a lot of water instead of sodas and adding the green juice to my diet and cooking more meals at home. All these things will definitely prepares me for a better future long term. 
When I started this blog, It was a fashion portfolio of my personal style, fashion education and knowledge to introduce me to the fashion industry. As the blogging scene has changed and I have grown into a style blogger I now want the blog to reflect my unique view on fashion through my African Heritage and culture and creating a business that speaks to these sentiments. I work continuously to become a better blogger my staying true to my blog mission and post on a consistent three to five times a week. Creating a blog schedule and planning ahead is a daily challenge that I am working toward creating a system that works for me. The Well Blog Plan for 2015 helped me organize my goals and mission for the blog.  I also have been collaborating and working  with my blogger friends and keep the blog consistent each week. 
To prepare for my future business, I need to always be networking, connecting with other style influencers and educating myself through webinars, Youtube tutorials and conferences and local blogger events. My ultimate goal is to create a styling/marketing studio that represents new African,  emerging designers  and international fashion brands that want to break into the American Market. 
I do one day want to be a wife and mother and I'm preparing myself with learning to be a better friend, communicator, organizer and better manage my time, being healthy, becoming a better cook and creating my own recipe book of go to meals I can make on demand. 
 I have always wanted to write a mystery, romantic, adventure novel loosely based on my personal travel adventures to the African Continent. I am also part of an African Literature Book Club that has be appreciating the perspectives from an African Authors in Africa and abroad. I have bought a book that helps you write the first draft in 90 days. It is my goal to have it by done by the end of the summer. All these goals will take me to the future I want to be living in the very near future.


In order to create a better future for myself I need to start creating a daily system that works for my lifestyle and start implementing, executing and doing the things I have always wanted to do. Its starts with becoming who I want to be. In the past I have written down a yearly to do list then broke it down into monthly, weekly and daily goals so that it is more manageable and achievable. 

I was scrolling through my Instagram this morning and I read this quote from the Good Morning America Instagram by Robin Roberts. She said "Dream Big but focus small on the day to day things that get you to your goal." This is what I will continue to do. Its a struggle sometimes to create new and exciting content each day but its about consistency and preparation and most importantly execution that will lead me to the opportunities I seek in my future. These small habits of always being teachable and open to growing, learning and correcting will help me succeed to my bigger dream goal of becoming a better me. 

I do believe in the phrase Preparation + Hard Work = Opportunity = Success! Its something I strive for on a daily basis. Its something that has taught me resiliency and perseverance and constantly having my eyes on the bigger picture of reaching that light at the end of the tunnel. 

I preparing myself through education of becoming a better friend, sister, daughter, future wife to an amazing husband and all these goals start with small day to day things that get me there and begins with the journeyThe journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”-Lao Tzu And thats what will create a better future in my life. 

Below are all the bloggers who participated in this month's B Bar Link Up! Check out each of them below. 

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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Birthday Brunch!

Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
 This Thursday I will celebrated the first thirty days of my milestone year. It has been a roller coaster of emotions, feelings, thoughts and reflections! Its all about embracing this new phase in my life and so far so good. I'm going to write a Reflection post! On the first thirty days! Anyway, I had the beautiful opportunity of celebrating my birthday with friends over Sunday Brunch at the Art& Soul Restaurant. The memories, the food, the words and the love I felt on that day will forever fill my heart as think of that moment in time. I'm so happy and blessed to have such quality people in my life. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who came to celebrate with me. It means more than you know. Your words, your advice I will always treasure! Cheers to the best decade of my life!  

Outfit Details: Red Hue Collection Dress | JustFAB HEELS | H&M Mirror Sunglasses | Urban Expressions Purse | ZARA Leather Jacket

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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