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Hello Friends! Happy Monday!
With only day left before my milestone birthday! I wanted to share 20 things I have learned in my 20s! Today I'm reflecting on the lessons I learned throughout my 2 decades of life. Its something I pass down to my younger sisters and friends and of course to the readers of this blog! I am being so thankful to have reached this new decade. 

Life is too short for you to care what others think! 
What I learned is that you have to BE YOU. DO YOU because that is all you can be is YOU all day everyday! The most important thing is to learn to make small changes and improvements to your character, style and career that makes up your best self! 
Confidence Comes From Within! 
This is something that will be a constant lesson for me. Learning that my confidence, trust, faith comes from within myself. It comes from God and my total trust I have in Him and where he is guiding me in my life! The sooner you accept who you are, the sooner you can stop focusing on how you are perceived/received and focus on what you can do to make this world a better place 
Volunteering my time to others gives me great joy! 
When I serve others, there I find happiness, joy and the greatest moments in my life. I have learned that when you serve/volunteer you find out who you really are and your purpose in life. Spending time with children has taught me to live in the moment, live simply and dream passionately. 
Friendships/relationships are always repairable 
Forgiveness is a big part of repairing any relationships. Once you forgive, its more than getting over the hurt. its actually seeing things differently and actively practicing it. 
You are the oldest you have ever been! 
This statement is so true! You only have one year for each age and that its the only time you get to the best you can at that moment and live each day to the fullest! 

Perseverance, dedication, loyalty are the greatest assets to have
I have learned that when trials, or challenges arise, it's important to remember that success comes with hard work and pushing through the difficult moments and when you learn to preserver you appreciate what comes out on the other side. Being dedicated is so important because it also builds character and teaches you to stay committed no matter what. Loyalty is something I take extremely seriously and it's important that I find people who are similar. 
Always be a Student of Life
Being open, teachable and learning from everyone whether young or older who crosses your path. 

When you focus on your own life, you will have more fun

Being vulnerable, taking risks in life always builds character and grows you into a better strong person. 

Drinking Water keeps your body young and healthy 
One of the best things I can do is drink lots of water and it has been the key to cleanse and keep my skin young and body healthy. Limiting sodas, juices and fast foods and eating more fruits and vegetables and even cooking more at home has helped me stay in control of my cravings and what goes into my body. It's all about long term goals which I am more focused on more than ever. 

Fashion trends may come and go, however if you really like a trend that makes you feel confident and fits your personality I say buy it! 
It's always important to stay true to what you like and what makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Trends may fade, but style remains! It's important that you know your style before shopping trends because then you know exactly what works in your closet and lifestyle. 
Always go with your gut feeling/instinct it is 99% of the time it is right! 
I have learned that your gut feeling is usually right. It's about knowing your boundaries and what you let into your life. It's all about staying true to you. 

If you are going to start something you have to commit to it 110% 
Making a commitment to seeing a project, or job all the way through is extremely important. It pushes you to work through the ups and downs and to give your absolute best! It's what adulthood is all about. 
Its never too late to start something new
I have learned that life goes on regardless of what you accomplish and what you don't. Whether you fail or succeed. Life is a continuous phase and it's new too late to change your goals or to start something brand new. Life is about adapting and adjusting to what life brings before you. 
You don't have to have it all together all the time 
Its always okay to ask for help on something and it's okay to be vulnerable and open up to when you don't know what you're doing. I especially like the book daring greatly by Brene Brown it's all about how our vulnerabilities can be our greatest asset. I truly believe when we open and trust our closest friends and family we can help each other through whatever comes the way. 

Each Life stage comes with its own sets of challenges 
Once you reach one stage there is always more challenges ahead. It's what life is all about. The true test is what you learned in the previous stage will help you in future challenges. So always learn from mistakes and experiences the first time. 
Stepping outside your comfort zone
This pushes you to do better and be better and shows what you still need to work on. Comfort zones are meant to push us toward out our wildest dreams and we can't do that inside the box. 
You are stronger than you think 
You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. That's all you need to know. 

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Awareness is the greatest gift 
Being aware of your failures, experiences and having the opportunity to improve upon them is a gift. 
Routine, schedules, time management are your best friends 
Organization and time management help you reach the goals you have written down. Knowing the importance of a schedule and routine will help you live a complete and balanced life! 

Sidenote: Find out my  personal reflections as I turn thirty in my milestone birthday post!

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