Hello Everyone, Happy Birthday to me! 
Yes, Today is the day I celebrate a milestone birthday! I turned thirty today! Woohoo! And let me tell you that I feel great! Life is definitely greener on this side. Its truly a blessing to enter another decade of life. I have to say that there is a new focus, a new energy, a new drive that has come. There is a confidence and inner assurance that firm and direct. I have learned that time is precious and its about the quality of time and people I choose to surround myself with. I love this outfit, I saw it a couple of weeks at the Spring Macy's Destination style event. I saw it on this dark brown skin model and I knew the instant I saw it that it needed to make its why into my closet. I styled it with this thrifted blazer worn here and these heels and it made perfect style sense.

Its official, I have reached this milestone. The anticipation was exciting, scary and building all to this one moment where I was expecting to feel something great, like running across the finish line, I was expecting to feel differently but then you know what life goes on. You know when you're making plans and work hard to achieve goals and you are just living life not counting the years that pass you by by you are just living and experiencing the ups and downs of adulthood. 
You try new things , make new friends, go to events, graduations, birthdays, bridal showers, weddings and baby showers. You are experiencing and living each moment exactly the way you are supposed to because that it thats what life is. It is a series of moments, experiences and memories. This is what it means to reach this stage of my life. For the past 10 years I have been living and learning, I have enjoyed. 

So  reaching this new decade is a blessing, its a privilege. Thats what thirty means to me. It means I have 30 years of wonderful memories, failures, accomplishments, good times, bad times, lessons, adventures, passions, character development and many more. 

One of my friends gave me this piece of advice about the thirties. 
Your thirties is about being intentional, focused and the best of your life. So spend each year wisely! 

 Photos c/o Myriad Musings 

Outfit details: Macy's Top & Skirt | Thrifted Blue Jacket | Urban Expressions Purse | Jamaican Sunglasses | Kate Spade Charm Bracelet |

Sidenote: Next up: My Birthday Adventure to Kingston, Jamaica!
Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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