Its the weekend! April Wrap Up

Hello friends! Happy Saturday! My birthday month was fantastic!
April is always my favorite month of the year, first because its my birthday and second because its Spring. Its the time when nature comes alive again, the rain has purpose and the flowers bloom so suddenly and rapidly. 

What a month it has been from celebrating Easter at the Lincoln Memorial to seeing the Cherry Blossoms for the first time in years to a birthday vacation in Jamaica and having a great birthday week full of surprises and ending the with a fabulous birthday brunch with my closest girl friends!

Last month (Transition) I started a new blog series with having a monthly theme and since it was my birthday month I wanted the theme to be celebration. April started with a celebration with Easter and feeling very grateful for all that Christ did for the world when He died on the cross for us. 

My sister and I have started a new tradition of attending the annual Easter Sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial and what I'm most grateful for is the time I have to spend with her.

This month I celebrated a milestone birthday and I loved the outfit that I wore as well. It is truly how I want my style to evolve in this new phase.

Have you heard a podcast before? If you have, I'm a little late to the game, but i wanted to share this podcast, Building your brand + balancing your 9-5 and side hustle with Abbey Brandon 

Part of growing up is accepting yourself for who you are and thats where I wanted to shared my thoughts and stories about being tall on my Youtube Channel, Watch it here:

With Summer Vacation season quickly approaching I thought this article on taking a break from blogging  from The Well Blog was extremely helpful in staying consistent and maintaing balance when traveling or when life gets busy.

Cherry Blossoms Festival is every April in DC and its the first official sign that Spring has arrived and will stay awhile. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful and experiencing them in person was an experience I definitely need to make a tradition every year. I have a mini video of my time with the world famous cherry blossoms. I also love this maxi dress I got from forever 21. I love it when I find a gem in a sea of clothing. This Pink Blush outfit that is so inspired by the cherry blossoms.

April was also the start of the summer event series when there are one to many fashion and blogger events in the city where I get to catch up with friends and learn new strategies for taking my blog to the next level. I wore this Ankara skirt at the Capfabb academy and since shades of lavender is my favorite color I wore this outfit at the Spring Macy's Destination Style event where I bought my birthday outfit worn on my milestone birthday.

April has been full of Spring inspired outfits! Check it out Grateful, Ankara, Blush, Shades of Lavender, Milestone, Have a Cupcake & Wear It Too, Inspired, Make Way for the Positive Day. Saumya of Myriad Musings and I had so much fun with each outfit! We have definitely become stronger and closer friends because of our collaborations.

I also got to spend time in Jamaica for the first time  and I loved every minute of it! Read about my thoughts here this Island Ready blog post.

I really like what Meg Biram (How I achieve the Work/Life Balance ) and Victoria McGinley( 4 Ways to Achieve Work/Life Balance ) said about the work/life balance question they had on the Well Blog this week. Check out all the other bloggers who participated in the link up here: April Link Up Question

I really wanted write about the 20 things I have learned in my 20s and what I will look forward to in my 30s. I want to make a new list of things I didn't accomplish and some new goals and dreams that I know will get done. Cheers to April! You have treated me me so well. I know this time next year, it will be a new and different adventure that will be awesome.

Sidenote: Want to see more Wrap Ups? See what I wrapped up in  March and February

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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