Island Ready!

*photos c/o Myriad Musings

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! 
As you're reading this new outfit post I am on my way to JAMAICA!! Yas! I am celebrating my birthday this year by the beach! I'm so excited! When going to an island the first requirement is getting a good sun-kissed tan, my goal is to get really dark brown where my skin glistens and shines! If you want follow my island adventures this weekend, please follow me on Instagram @KeshaAbigail or Snapchat @Keshasnaps15 and of course I will be vlogging the whole trip that will be featured next week on my Youtube channel. Anyway about this outfit! this is a dress I got on my Birthday trip to New York City! And I wore on my birthday three years ago, check out the blog post four/twenty one to read more. I love this dress!

Outfit Details: Topshop dress | Indian Purse | DV Dolce Vita Heels| African Bracelets 

Thank you for Reading. Until Next time.
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