Welcome March!

 Hello Friends, Happy Monday! 
Can you believe we are in March already! Time really does fly by really fast. The picture above is an outfit post A Neutral Palette from March 2014. The reason why I chose it because it represents what March is all about. TRANSITION! We are reaching an exciting time of the year. Spring! 
As I blog more and more I realize that I would like to create content that involves lifestyle topics and write real life experiences  that help every young woman navigate adulthood and the world with my personal tips and lessons I have learned. This month I will be focusing on creating content that has to do with the word: Transition. 

Transition is defined as the process or period of changing from state to another. It is a stage, subject, concept, movement or passage. It connects one idea to the next. 

This word really speaks to my life and this time. Next month I will be celebrating a milestone birthday. Which means new things, new dreams, taking that leap, jump into the unknown and setting new goals for my life. This time in my life is a new introduction into another phase in life. I really like the quote below, "Look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else"- Tom Stoppard. It helps put everything into perspective. Walking through one door always leads to other doors, which means new opportunities for new adventures and exciting times.
 I look forward to seeing what March teaches me and what I could expect. This month, I will being writing about topics that relate to the word transition in the categories of Style, Travel, Food,  What to Wear When and Wardrobe Essentials and Book Reviews.

This month I also want to share the life lessons I have learned in my 20s and my bucket list of what I want to accomplish before 31. One thing I have learned is that Transition is a process and a day to day constant that moves you to the next moments that you treasure. I hope you all follow along as I shift to a new level of the blog and in my life and career.

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Thank you for Reading. Until Next time. 
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