Winter Outfit Favorites

Hello Friends, Happy Weekend! 
Since we are experiencing Polar Vortex 2.0 over here on the east coast, I thought would share my favorite Winter Outfits to Wear in the frigid cold weather. In extreme weather climates like this, I  would also  add another layer or winter boot to each outfit just to keep extra warm. Below are my favorite outfits to wear to the workplace and on the weekend. For full outfit details and more pics, please be sure to click the links below the pictures. I hope you enjoy!

What to Wear to Work!
When it comes to work outfits I like to stick with neutral palettes, pops of color in my jewelry and accessories and pattern. In Winter its all about the textures and fabrics worn on each week day. These outfits are for a creative work environment and can be modified for a corporate office with solids, neutrals and tailored suits. Work Outfits can be professional, stylish and warm all at the same time. Last week, I blogged a new series I will do this Spring into Summer called Work Outfit Wednesdays which would be fashionable outfits to wear to work no matter where you work. All you have to do is add a removable layer or two and when you get to the office take a layer off because you know they turn the heat all the up. 
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What to Wear When its the Weekend
When it comes to the weekends, you can be as stylish or layered up as you want to be. I like to look good everyday so I usually wear lots of color, whether complimentary like green and blue or orange and blue. Either way fashion about trying new things, new styles and the weekend is wear you test it out.
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Here is also check out my  favorite Winter Weather Uniform that I love as well

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