Three Ways to Wear Your Winter Scarf

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In the Winter, I wear scarves everyday, partly because I like creating layering outfits in the cold seasons and also because I get really cold and covering my neck will prevent me from getting sick.I recently rediscovered wearing new ways to wear a winter scarf. The new fashion trend for scarfs is belted which started on the Burberry runways last year and is still going strong!

 Wearing your winter scarf belted is a great and creative way to layer your outfit! Get all the tips on how to wear a belted scarf here. It definitely adds another stylish way to wear a scarf. I like wearing it over a sweater dress, knits or a long sleeve t-shirts. You can even wear it over a blazer or leather jacket for that extreme winter layering effect.

 Shawl Blanket 
When its really cold, practically frozen weather. I like to wear my scarf like a blanket covering my whole upper body and chest area. Wearing your scarf as a scarf can also act like a shirt and is great for texture and pattern mixing. 

Scarf Classic 
This is the simplest and most common way everyone wears a scarf covering the neck and ears when yo really want to prevent the cold from hitting the neck! It also looks good with a fabulous winter coat as it peeks out.

Check out my favorite Ways to Wear Scarf Video for more inspiration.

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